5 Things We Love To See But Hate Happening To Us

This is entirely a case of being able to dish it out, but not being able to take it. Everything is funny unless it's happening to you. It's a really specific sense of humour for this. Germans call it schadenfreude, pleasure from someone else's misfortune. But fuck it it's funny when it's not you and there's nothing we love more.

1. Road Rage

You're having a nice, relaxing drive, you chose the music and you love everything about it. Next thing you know some dickhead drives out in front of you at a crossroads even though you had the right of way. You had to slam the brakes, your heart is pounding and to top it all off they're taking the turn slower than a kid in remedial Math. Your drive is ruined and now you're shouting expletives at them. Otherwise you're walking through town and the traffic lights are taking forever. You spy someone silently shouting in their car and slapping their steering wheel. That guy's got anger issues right?


2. Rejection


Rejection is one of the most painful things you can feel. It also gives you a sick satisfaction, the kind that you know you shouldn't enjoy but a part of you finds it hilarious. You know you love to seeing it. Not when it happens to you though. When it happens to you it's time to cuddle up in your bed with some Kleenex and a date with a bottle of KY.





3. Cringe

Cringing is this insane feeling. It's pure sado-masochism. It hurts you to see it but it's also so damned pleasurable. Probably because it makes us feel better about the stupid shit that we've done. It's also a lot easier to enjoy from behind a computer screen because you have to wait before you can laugh in person. There's hundreds of subReddits and various websites dedicated to the collection of cringe. When you've done something idiotic and think your life is over, these are the best places to go so you can say "Fucking hell, at least I wasn't as bad as that."

4. People Falling Over

Falling can lead to serious injury, even if you're only from ground height. When it happens to you it's not funny and everyone should make a fuss to make sure you are okay. But when it's other people it's funny as hell, especially if it's wintery outside and they get up all dirty and wet. HAHAHAHA. That's only once you know that they're not hurt of course. If they get hurt it's not funny and you have to go and help them. The best is when it's either really small people or really tall people falling.


5. Drunken Mistakes

It's never funny when you go for a kiss and get cheeked, but when somebody else does it....HA! Also includes pissing yourself when you're drunk, passing out at a party and waking up with a bunch of dicks drawn on you. Everyone likes being able to rip into their friends the morning after because the hangover wasn't enough but we all hate being in the hot seat for it.

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