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15 Drunk Mistakes You Can't Undo

You wake up sprawled out with a mouth like the Sahara and the feeling that you've just been knocked in the head by a baseball bat. Sunday morning, nothing unusual right? When you manage to lift yourself up you plant your feet on the floor and that's when it comes. The memories, or half memories more like. You know you did some stupid shit last night and now the rest of your day is gonna be spent trying to put the pieces back together. Or you can just wait until your friends start ripping into you about it.

1. Piss/shit yourself.

Some people just can't control their bodily functions when they get drunk.

2. Get sick on someone.

And other people just can't control their gag reflex. It honestly seems like they had no idea it was gonna happen. The person you drop on will never forgive that.


3. Try to kiss someone you really shouldn't.

You misread the signals when you're drunk and end up going in for a kiss, worst people to go in for is your friend, your friend's family/girlfriend/ex, the bouncer's girlfriend....

4. Get kicked out.

Got over excited and started dancing on the table? Maybe an impromptu strip tease? Best case scenario you get thrown out for the night, worst case is you put up a big fight over it and are never allowed in again....or until there's a new bouncer.


5. Started A Fight.

You get both over confident and easily angered when you're drunk it's a bad mix that'll most likely end in a few chipped teeth and a very sore face.


6. You got waay too messed up at a friends house.


You go for a few at your friend's and you end up sprawled out in his mother's petunias, or have a way too open conversation with his'll definitely wake up with The Fear the next day.

7. You pass out in the pub.

You put your head down in the smoking area and let the gentle sounds of chart music whisk you away to dreamland...until you get a tap on the shoulder and an order to get the fuck out.

8. You get arrested.


People get angry, excited and destructive when they're fucked drunk and that might mean a ride in the back of a police car.

9. You take home the person you'd never ever look at sober.

...let's just say they fell straight from the ugly tree and got hit by every branch on the way down. And now you're having a tongue fight with 'em. Niice.

10. You get carried away with karaoke.

When it wasn't even a karaoke night....


11. You cheat.

Being drunk is not a valid excuse for cheating.


12. You call your ex.


In this moment you're so in love with them that they have to know right fucking now. Scream and cry into the phone to make your declaration of love more sincere - that'll end wonderfully.

13. You engage in serious PDA.

Straddling right in the middle of the dance floor, everyone needs to know you've gotten the shift.

14. You showcase your most 'passionate' dancing.


The rhythm has taken hold of you and now it's all hip thrusts, erotic faces and you touching your chest way too much. It's the just does stuff to you.

15. When Existentialism hits you.

You suddenly realize that bees are dying at an alarming rate so you sit down wonder what it's all about and why you're even here. There's a dark cloud forming where you're sitting and it's bumming people out so your friends try to snap you out of it but you're done for the night...



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Sean Quigley

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