Buckets Of Fun: Your End Of Summer To Do List

 So summer's almost over, and you're worrying that time spent on Netflix and only yourself to chill with was a waste. Yet the fact that you're a broke student hasn't changed in the slightest. Like myself, do you wish to have some memorable moments from this Summer? Well, look no further my friends because below is the poor student's bucket list. Get ticking!

1) Learn To Cook

Microwaves and oven cooked pizza aren't all that great and not too healthy either, so why limit yourself to just those? Cooking is always impressive, and you'll find yourself climbing social ladders by the end of the summer with food that isn't some combination of ready-made diabetes. #yum

2) Get Fit

You've tested the limits of human endurance through numerous days of Netflix to better your knowledge of Arrested Development references that you're still finding online. Getting fit takes essentially the same level of dedication, only it's far less fun. As a student, you should have access to some form of fitness equipment, so if summer goals are your thing, fitness can be too. Hot bod, here we come.

3) Travel


Knee-jerk reactions of "...I'm poor..." and whatever else justifies staying local simply aren't good enough. Travel is not merely flying to somewhere sunny to embarrass yourself; It can be going to places in a day, to destinations that need no planning. So if money doesn't permit, gather friends and plan a day trip somewhere fascinating. Like the nearest beach, just saying.

4) Camping

Tying in with the above, camping is the best fun you can have with and without your clothes. Regardless of weather, camping can bring you closer to your friends, and given the remoteness, scandal can remain secret for far longer, so greater fun needs to be had. Woop woop.

5) Explore Your Local Area


There's no excuse for not knowing the ins and outs of your locality. It's easy to do, and with Google and a brain, you're half way to finding all the cool places you may not have been aware of. This is an especially good idea if you're not a local, or feel uncomfortable getting around. Adventure time.

6) Volunteer

Charity work looks great on any CV, and it isn't a full-time commitment either. Virtually all charities will be grateful for any help they can receive, and if you can find one close to your heart, then even better. Even if it only means a few hours on the weekends, do it. You'll never regret it.

7) Go to a Festival

With every Summer filled with festivals, there's no reason not to. Don't limit yourself to the bigger, seemingly better, but far more expensive ones that tend to grab your attention. Actively finding one that appeals to you and isn't breaking the bank is incredibly rewarding and usually a lot more fun too.


8) See an Outdoor Movie

This is an increasingly popular activity popping up in people's summer calendar and with good reason - they're amazing! More often than not, most outdoor showings will be of older, more famous movies and the venues will be well-kept parks where you can also dine cheaply at your own expense. Most screenings will continue till the dying days of summer too. Count me in.

9) Go to the Beach

Even if you're locked away in the city, any old excuse to pay a trip to the beach makes everything better. This can usually be done with the smallest of budgets and if you bring friends along, you can more than likely get a lift in return for your friendship. Also, you can spend the day there, creeping, tanning and eating to your little hearts content.

10) Have a Picnic

Even though summer is drawing to an end, you can still enjoy the perks of lots of free time, sun and food all at once by having a picnic with your friends. This is simple and straightforward, you can bring as much or as little food as you want. or, as is most likely to happen, bring booze. Just saying...

Jack Sargent
Article written by
Currently studying Law and trying to make sense of the great, big world we live in.

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