25 Things To Do The Summer You Graduate College

You made it! You somehow actually have a degree - congratulations! Before the fear sets in and you know that the days of skipping classes to get drunk are all behind you, why not have a crazy summer to celebrate the fact that you didn't drop out? You might as well do it before you're stuck in some stuffy office all summer. So grab a few fellow at-a-loose-end-mates and set off on a new adventure...

1. Go On A Road Trip

A friend of mine is doing one across America, working odd jobs and crashing on any couch that's free. While that sounds so cool, a road trip down and back to Galway can be just as much craic.

2. Do A J1


21 is the best age to go to the States for the summer so you can actually go out and have a social life. So what better time than now? 3 months in NYC/Boston/LA? Yes please.


3. Go Camping

Friends and alcohol in a tent? Sure why not.

4. Do An Internship


This is for those annoying people who wanna get a head-start on their career. And good for them!...I'll be in the pub.


5. Skinny Dip

If you can't do it at 22, when can you?

6. Go To A Music Festival


Summer just isn't summer without one. You're smelly, dehydrated, sunburnt (hopefully), exhausted and as happy as a pig in shit.


7. Teach English Abroad


You get to learn a new skill, travel to a new country and get paid whilst learning about the culture and not having to deal with your parents. Everyone's a winner.

8. Learn To Drive

It's better to just do it now that you have a bit of time. It'll come in handy in the future when you have like, a job, or something.


9. Hike A Mountain


You'll be thinking "why the fuck did I think this was a good idea?" and then you'll remember "Oh yeah, the Instagram pics."

10. Island-Hop


It could be Greece or even the Aran Islands! I'd go for Greece.


11. Write A Book/Play

Sure you write a journal sometimes. The stuff in that could definitely be best-selling novel material. You could be a millionaire.

12. Do A Coach Trip


Be fancy and hit up the Orient Express. Or if you don't have a few grand lying around, maybe just do a regular one around Europe.


13. Join A Club


Channel an inner skill. Love tennis? Join a club! You'll probably never get the chance again for ages if you put if off now.

14. Rent-A-House With Mates

Rent a house in the country between like 10 of you for cheap. Then descend upon it for a weekend and party to your hearts content.


15. Volunteer


Not only will this look great on your Resume, but you'll feel like you've done something productive with your time. Always a good thing.

16. Go On A Boat Trip


Rent out a boat on the cheap with your mates - there's nothing likes drinking a few beers whilst sailing around.


17. Go On A Tacky Sun Holiday

You gotta do this when you're young. A week in Tenerife, tanning all day and drinking ridiculously-named cocktails at night in a sleazy nightclub while you're getting stuck into Nick from Glasgow? Golden memories.

18. Read As Much As You Can


Devour as many books as you can. If you can't afford to go somewhere, this will provide a little escapism for you.


19. Be An Au Pair


This is another easy way to travel and experience a new culture, all the while earning money.

20. Visit An Old Friend (Bonus If They Live Abroad)



This summer is a good chance to reconnect with old pals, people you've been meaning to see or talk to for ages but just haven't had the time with all that procrastinating in college.

21. Start A Band

Hey who knows, it could be your big break. Or you could play a few dodgy gigs and then sell your drum kit. It's all about the memories.

22. Go Tinder-Crazy



Well, you've got the time! Go on dates, give people a chance that you wouldn't usually. You'll regret it when you're married and boring.

23. Do A Course You've Always Wanted To


College is over, and while you obviously picked a major you were interested in, there's probably tons of courses that you like but never had the time to do before. Sewing? Computers? A foreign language? Do it now!

24. Party A LOT


Sleep in. Party late. Get drunk. Do stupid things. Be a bit spontaneous. This is the time, people.

25. Whatever You Do, Take Loads Of Photos


Definitely do this. You'll look back fondly on your last summer before you had to become a real person.


Credit: High On Life

Aoife Loughnane

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