Hangovers- Experts Have Revealed How To Avoid Them...

Is there anything worse than a hangover- you know, a really bad one? Waking up with your eyes dry, head throbbing and mouth feeling like you've been eating dry, desert sand by the handful the night before? They are without a doubt, the most terrible start one can have to a day. Why do you sometimes get away with it though? You know how some mornings you can cope quite well and recover quickly, while others you're fit for nothing but your bed and a takeaway- why is that?



It turns out it's not just the alcohol that causes this dreadful state, it's actually a combination of what you have eaten, the speed at which you've been drinking and the amount of sleep you get. That's why the later the night, the worse you generally feel the next day.




Experts have found that the best thing to do to skip the hangover is to not only space out your drinks but your food too. If you’re drinking loads throughout a night, the food you ate before heading out will eventually be digested, the alcohol will irritate the lining of your stomach, causing you to feel bloated, nauseous and generally crap the next day.



Instead of eating a huge dinner for “soakage” or getting greasy food on the way home experts recommend snacking on small amounts of nutritious food during the evening. So, a normal sized dinner, then alternate between alcoholic drinks and glasses of water throughout the night adding one small snack into the mix. Maybe bring a sneaky banana or some nuts in your bag next time to avoid that horrendous hangover in the morning. Let us know if you try it!




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