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The Top 5 Most Instagrammed Foods On Social Media

The Top 5 Most Instagrammed Foods On Social Media

We've all done it. Out at a posh restaurant, and your exquisitely presented food arrives; obviously your Instagram followers need to see it. They need to see you are an interesting person, who goes out to interesting places. This is not true obviously, but you can pretend it is. Show off your fancy dinner to the world and be proud. A list of the most popular Instagrammed foods has been revealed, and there are some surprises on it.

A study by recipe website Gousto revealed the top 5 most Instagrammed foods. They trawled through 150 million hashtags to make up a list of the top 5 out of 353 dishes.

  1. Pizza (New York, USA) - 37,900,000 posts
  2. Hamburgers (Texas, USA) - 35,000,000 posts
  3. Sushi (Tokyo, Japan) - 23,600,000 posts
  4. Steak (Idaho, USA) - 10,200,000 posts
  5. Macarons (Paris, France) - 5,000,000 posts

Some of the key points of the research;

  • Macarons are Europe's most 'Instagrammed' treat, with over five million posts
  • The most shared dish on the planet was pizza, with a whopping 37 million posts
  • Asian dishes such as sushi and kimchi accounted for 22% of the iconic world food list
  • Fondue was the most popular cheesy dish with over one million snaps

You'd be surprised at how little healthy food is on the list, particularly the 'millennial food of choice', avocado toast. Then again, you have to appeal to the widest audience possible on Instagram, and sure everyone loves pizzas.

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