You Can Get Paid €1,500 A Month To Look After Some Dogs

You Can Get Paid €1,500 A Month To Look After Some Dogs

Do you have a passion for looking after that which cannot look after itself - but think that you are sufficiently incompetent that if a baby was left in your care there is a slight possibility that something might go terribly wrong? Then good news! Rather than attempting to earn money by ploughing your furrow baby-sitting, you can scratch your need to supervise a dependent living being in a situation with far less jeoprady. is a website which specialises in finding dog sitters and walkers for those who are in possession of a dog and are in need of someone to walk or mind that dog.

The requirements for applicants are at a threshold that I can only describe as being rock-bottom. You must be in possession of two key attributes for you to be worthy of consideration. For you to jump through the necessary hoops - like a well-trained police-dog at a county fete display jumping through a burning hoop - to be eligible you must, a) Be over 18, and b) like dogs.

If you meet these two criteria and have an earnest desire to wor part-time or full-time as a dog minder or walker then you ought consider throwing your hat in the ring.

The company, as described on their site, was started in Dublin by brothers and dog lovers James and Timothy McElroy, HouseMyDog is now Europe's largest on-demand dog-sitting service to instantly find and botok a reliable, experienced and trustworthy dog-sitter to care for your pet when you're away.


Proudly featured in Forbes, Huffington post, The Times, The Telegraph, The Financial Times and winner of crowdcube crowdfunding campaign of the year 2018, HouseMyDog connects dog owners with only the best and most experienced dog walkers and sitters.

So if your twin passions are dogs and beign remunerated for accepting the responsibility of ensuring a canine's survival, then learn more about how you can apply on the job listing.

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Rory McNab

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