You Can Get Paid €9,000 To Go On Holiday And Drink A Lot Of Wine

You Can Get Paid €9,000 To Go On Holiday And Drink A Lot Of Wine

Do you consider yourself a connoisseur of fine wine? Do you know the difference in tannins between a rich bodied Malbec and a light Pinot Noir? Do you lose your patience when your whites aren't chilled and your reds aren't at the optimal room temperature? If the answer to all these questions is yes, then we may have found your dream job. How does getting paid to drink wine sound?

Wine brand, Rosé All Day is seeking a wine enthusiast to join the team as a 'Rosé influencer'. There's a title that would grab peoples attention on your CV. The lucky candidate will also get  $10,000 (€9,000) and a luxurious trip to Rosé All Day's beautiful chateau in France. Starting next month, the wine brand will be holding an Influencer Casting Call. The position involves creating social content involving Rosé, sounds ideal.


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We’re giving away $10K and a trip to our beautiful chateau in France. Starting next month, we’ll be holding an Influencer Casting Call! Swipe for more details and tag someone who will totally #slay this contest. Check back soon for full rules and regs! . . #RoséAllDay #rosé #roséwine #wine #yeswayrosé #roseallday #yeswayrose #roséseason #rosélover #wine #lifestyle #drinks #cocktails #winetime #alcohol #champagne #thirsty #wineoclock #cheers #winelife #brosé #brose

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To apply for this dream role it is as simple as posting an Instagram post. According to Business Insider, anyone over the age of 21 can enter starting from June 8th 2019, National Rosé Day. To apply simply follow Rosé All Day on Instagram and tag them in rosé-related posts

A summer sipping Rosé on a French chateau while posing for Instagram pictures, while €9,000 richer. This is what dreams are made off.

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