Carlow Principal Denies Students Were Told To Not Wear Tight Clothes

Carlow Principal Denies Students Were Told To Not Wear Tight Clothes

Principal of Carlow Presentation College Ray Murray has stated that allegations of girls being told to not wear tight clothes or leggings is wide of the mark and 'damaging to staff'.

Speaking on Morning Ireland, Murray stated that a school assembly had been called to remind students of the dress code for PE, with nothing "inappropriate, wrong or uncomfortable" said to students.

The assembly was called as members of staff had noticed that on PE days that students, particularly girls, were not dressing as per the code of the school, with Murray stating that "it was becoming more of a fashion show" with each passing PE class. Instead of tracksuits, Murray said, girls would go to PE class wearing "a variety of garments, particularly leggings".

It was called with primarily girls in mind, as according to Murray, it wasn't an issue for the male students of the school.

According to Murray, the school's uniform regulations "had not changed at all", despite reports to the contrary. Furthermore, he stated that he is "bemused and annoyed" about some "scandalous comments" on social media, which seemed to insinuate that faculty members were 'distracted' by students.


He continued by saying that he feels for members of the staff who have "taken the brunt of unsubstantiated rumour" on social media.

Principal Murray reiterated that the assembly was merely to reinforce that school's PE dress code, not to state that girls couldn't wear leggings for any reason.

"If a wrong message came through, obviously we do not want that to happen and I have an open-door policy for talking to the kids."

Mr Murray said that people would not want to come to the school if there was an ethos of "body shaming girls".

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