10 Beach Bag Essentials

It's beach weather season again and time for you to put away all your worries and stress of college and exams. The beach beckons and you have got to be ready for the warm sand and the splashing of sea waves. Whether you go with your bestie, boyf or family or just by yourself you'll have to be prepared. So get packing...

1. Suncream

An obvious choice but you'd be surprised by how many people just slap on some tanning and oil and expect to turn out looking golden brown. Trust me don't go light with sun-cream the red lobster look is really not hot, never-mind the fact you're risking skin cancer.

2. Sunglasses

These are essential for battling the glare of the summer sun also it helps hide your hungover/tired/broken-out face. You could opt for a retro look to heighten your beach style by going for some 1950s cat-eye winged sunglasses or classic Ray-Bans. Another bonus is sunglasses help limit wrinkling around your eyes.

3. Hat


A good hat with adequate coverage so that it can shade your face is a definite beach bag staple. Wide brimmed hats are all in fashion even Beyoncé has made them a staple on her Formation Tour.

4. Talcum Powder

This is definitely a handy item to have at the beach. Picture this-you've gone for a swim and your back drying off and getting dressed and there's wet sand stuck to you-just shake on some talcum powder and like magic watch as the wet sand just dries and wipes off you NO BOTHER! Miracles do exist, ladies and gentleman.

5. An Old Sheet

Don't get your towel all sandy from lying on it and don't try and bring a bulky rug-instead bring an old sheet which can fold up to be quite small. The sheet also shakes out more easily than a towel/rug when you're heading home!



6. A Summer Read

A great little summer book to read is an essential for a day out on the beach. It can be so relaxing lying under the warm sun with the sound of the sea and getting immersed in a book.

7. Towel


As you probably will be wearing your swimsuit under your clothes don't forget to pack a towel for drying off after a swim


8. Wet Wipes

Feelin' sweaty? Well feel it no more. If you use them don't forget to reapply your sun-cream afterwards btw.

9. Phone

Be careful not to get your phone wet other than that get those Instagram snaps and know that you have a source of contact if you need help.


10. Water

This is the most important one alongside suncream. Keep HYDRATED people as dehydration is more likely to occur when your out in the sun so bring a couple of bottles of water with you.





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