10 Best International Cities For Graduates To Live After Graduation

If you're anything like me, you want to settle down close to your family. But I'm 20, and I'm not settling down yet. In the meantime, I'd like to go somewhere cool, somewhere I can explore and come back and say I've experienced a new culture, a new lifestyle, a job I never in a million years would've thought I'd have with my degree. Well, these international cities are fantastic for cheap living and good job for young people, so if you're about to graduate but feel like RUNNING from settling down, maybe consider buying a plane ticket.

1. Toronto, Canada

Toronto is one of the world's most multi-cultural cities, so if you move there, you'll fit in fine, as roughly half the city's population are immigrants. Toronto is on Forbes' Most Economically Powerful Cities due to consistent economic growth, low cost of living, and Toronto's being home to over 600 start-ups, which encourages growth to come and encourages those who may want to start their own business. Widespread public transportation allows you to live there without owning a car. Canada also happens to be the country with the highest percentage of college graduates, so why not join them upon earning your own degree?


2. Vienna, Austria

Perhaps all you need to know is that Vienna has been ranked the Most Liveable City In The World. Criteria include personal safety (taking into account factors like vulnerability to terrorist attacks and crime rates), economic conditions (Vienna is a hub for companies looking to do business in central Europe and boasts an impressive GDP), and social atmosphere (Vienna is a very young city which citizens claim is simply more fun than other competitive cities on the list).


3. Washington D.C., United States Of America

D.C. is the number one most popular spot for recently graduated millennials in the States. D.C. is relatively expensive to live in, however it's far from the most expensive major city in the States. D.C. provides millennials with great parks and nightlife, and is a city that's easy to walk around or use public transportation to avoid owning a car. It's only a short distance from other major cities such as Philadelphia, New York City, and Baltimore, for weekend trips. And of course, it's the perfect place to live if you're interested in activism and U.S. politics.


4. Mexico City, Mexico

On numerous lists, Mexico City is rated as having both the lowest cost of living and the lowest cost of public transport. Absolutely ideal for young graduates who don't have jobs or high-paying jobs yet, or young people who simply want to save up money for eventual home ownership and families. It's easy to travel to nearby cities like Puebla and Taxco, and the weather is always great. Basically the perfect place for cheap food, rent, and getting around.


5. Seoul, South Korea

Seoul is rated as the most environmentally sustainable city in the world right now, a hot button issue for young people growing up and realizing that their grandparents who sprayed aerosol cans and didn't give a fuck about global warming may cause us some future troubles. There are many mountains to climb, national parks, and Han River for people who enjoy lounging or running by water. And major perk - many companies pay for your housing if you're employed with them, so living here may also help you say money for later in life.


6. Minneapolis, United States Of America

Minneapolis has come out on top for lists looking for the best city for foodies, for people looking for jobs, for students living without cars and for greenest cities. In other words, there is a hidden gem smack in the middle of the States. While the weather might be a turn-off (it's freezing for most of the year), if you're willing to bundle up, it might be worth your while. Minneapolis is a healthy city with many exercisers and remarkably few smokers (if anyone's looking to quit), and a high percentage of the city is set aside as parkland, so many residents choose to take the longer walk to work to get in some exercise and Vitamin D.


7. Berlin, Germany

Berlin is known for their music and film scene, and well as plenty of options for nightlife and clubbing for young people. They also have notably efficient public transportation, and they were the first city in Germany to introduce rent controls, meaning that you won't be overpaying or pushed out of your starter's apartment. Berlin also has a big start-up culture and it's affordable to rent office or meeting spaces if you're looking into working for or running a new business.

8. Edinburgh, Scotland

Finally for the creative majors (like me), Edinburgh has one of highest concentrations of creative and digital startups in the United Kingdom. Another perk is that the city is small enough that you can walk most anywhere. Edinburgh has tons of outdoor art and natural landscape, high-ranking universities, and there are annual international festivals and daily fireworks in August. It's basically the place to be if you're a young graduate who enjoys arts and sexy accents.


9. Denver, United States Of America

So we can start by saying that weed is legal here. But there's more. Colorado is known for its skiing, and makes the list for top US cities for its beauty and affordability. Denver is also home to tons of craft beer and sports and the sun shines almost every day. And to boot, the U.S. News ranked Denver as the number 1 U.S. city to live in based on job market, so if you're feeling that I'll-never-be-employed anxiety, Denver might be able to reduce that.


10. Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates

Abu Dhabi has the lowest crime rate of the cities on our list and has also been ranked best city for its ease of hiring - great if you're eager to start working ASAP. There is an amazing stretch of sandy beaches to spend your weekend relaxing or working on your fitness by running through the imported sand. Food in Abu Dhabi is cheap and you can get just about anything because such a wide host of cultures call this place home.


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