12 Horribly Annoying Things About Dublin Life During The Summer

Whether you're a Dublin native or just up for the summer you'll find that as much as you'll love the buzz the city has to offer, it does have it downfalls. Here are the 12 horribly annoying thing about Dublin during the summer.

12) "Can we pay with notes?"

No, no you cannot. Please don't spend the next ten minutes asking the bus driver why while trying to pay with a fifty euro note for you and three other people. Then talk among yourselves while the rest of us sit and wait for your decision and eventual change counting.

11) Children, Children Everywhere

School's out! Great for kids who get to spend the next few months hanging out or whatever, but for the rest of us out of school this means every park has screaming children in it, who frankly, could not give a shit about anyone else. Although we're all secretly jealous deep down inside of there sense of freedom.


10) Packed Streets

Grafton street on a Saturday is great, there's street entertainers and great shops but almost impassible. For anyone living in Dublin you'll know that if you're in a rush, Grafton Street is not the route to take as you'll find yourself swooping around groups of Spanish students, getting stuck behind slow waddling Americans and running through a fire juggler's performance.

9) Road Works

Dublin City Council always think summer is the perfect time to dig up all the roads in Dublin for the absolute craic, combine this with luas works and really loud drilling then you have yourself a million bitter Dubliners.


8) Spanish Students

If you've even have lived in Dublin for a week you'll be no stranger to these inconveniences. The invasion of the elumonious backpacks seems to land in Dublin's fair city earlier every year, this year they began landing in March, March. Pastimes of the spanish students include: being rude, being incredibly loud and standing in huge packs in the middle of a busy street.

7) GAA In Croker

For most Dubliners who are don't follow the GAA it's a huge surprise to us when we suddenly find our city invaded by country folk who are feckin' chuffed to be up drinkin' in the big shmoke. Swarms of county jerseys are everywhere, making your local packed out and incredible difficult to get home as Culchies just love walking on the roads.



6) The Viking Splash Tour

Just walking down the street, minding your own buisness and then RAAAWWWWWR! The screams of 30 tourists startle you, they laugh and then drive on. Cheeky monkeys.

5) Crammed Beer Gardens

Dublin being so compact as it is, makes it impossible to find a beer garden that isn't over capacity by 100 people. In all fairness, most pubs don't have beer gardens because it rains for 350 days of the year, but on a sunny day, a cool pint in the sunshine is all you want. Sadly, this is hard to do when you're suffocating to death with the combination of zero oxygen levels and second hand smoke.


4) Stuffy Bus

If you, like me, have to get Dublin bus regularly then you can relate sitting upstairs to sitting in a glasshouse. Except you replace plants and flowers with fellow sweaty commuters. Fun fun fun.

3) Pigeons/Seagulls

They're just everywhere. It seems that you can't eat your lunch in piece without these lads swarming around you.


2) College Green

A jungle of pedestrians in tight spaces, water works, luas works, bikes, buses, taxis. Absolute mayhem.

1) Random Events

Summer is the perfect time for Dublin to host some awesome events, but there are so many that it's really hard to keep track of what's on, when and where. This will leave you puzzled why the traffic isn't moving or why certain roads are closed off? "The Dublin Marathon is on.", we have a marathon? Oh it's for charity, that's nice.


Catherine Munnelly
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Catherine Munnelly is a colourfully-haired UCD graduate with a degree in reading books. A pint-sized bundle of wisdom, she has mastered the game of Flip-Cup, enjoys the company of bearded-men and despises rude people. When she's not writing or talking about her dog, you'll find her wandering around Europe telling folk that Leprechauns exist and Bono's her uncle.

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