9 Places In Dublin To Enjoy Food And Drinks Al Fresco During The Heat

9 Places In Dublin To Enjoy Food And Drinks Al Fresco During The Heat

In this heat there's no point of even thinking about slaving away over the stove, sweating over making a meal while all you really want is another layer of sunscreen and an ice-pop. Even though it only gets warm in Dublin for a short period every year, Dublin, surprisingly enough, has a lot of fabulous outside dining areas.

Dine by the coast, or smack bang in the middle of the city, Dublin is full of places to choose from and here are a few of my top favourites.

1) Shouk, Drumcondra:

After discovering this place recently enough, I have fallen in love. Hidden away in Drumcondra next to Tempo music school, you wouldn't even notice it was there. Serving unbelievable Middle-Eastern foods, from hummus to Falafel, and BYOB, this is the perfect place to sit during this whether. Bring your own bottle of rosé, and enjoy a sharing plate of different bites with your friends on the terrace.

2) Eat Yard:


One of the most funky places in town, situated on Camden street next to The Bernard Shaw, where else would you want to be on a day like today? The Bernard Shaw have a spacious outside area, with the Blue Bus serving piping hot pizza all day, and from Thursdays through the weekend, Eatyard opens in the back, with a tonne of different stalls opening up to serve you some unreal street food, as well as refreshing craft beers.

3) Diceys Garden:

Definitely not one of the more classier of restaurants, but Diceys has a lot to offer on a sunny day. Cheap pints, large outside smoking area, along with a good choice of food, it's a great place to spend an afternoon watching the football while enjoying a few rays.


4) Pygmalion:

You can't write an article about food/drinks/cocktails in Dublin without mentioning the most Instagrammable place there is. Pygmalion, although a tad pricey, it's where everyone goes after work during the week and weekend to get cocktail deals, tapas, and sit in a narrow alley way trying to follow the sun as it moves further and further away from you.

5) Taphouse Ranelagh:


The Taphouse in Ranelagh is known for its wide range of beers, craft beers and wine, and also has tasty pub grub to fill you up. The balcony overlooks the main street, which is perfect for people watching, and has the sun shining in all day. Open all day, the Taphouse if perfect for some mid-day pints and sun.

6) Sophies:

Another note-worthy Instagrammable place, Sophie's on Harcourt street is where you can head to snap a great photo of you and your friends sitting on a swing, but also get some great cocktails and soak up the sun. With a massive menu, from breakfast, brunch, lunch and dinner, Sophie's spoils you for choice as well as giving you an amazing spot in the sun.

7) Toner's Pub:


If you're looking for a more traditional pub, that's maybe not so Instagrammy, then Toner's on Baggot street  is the place for you. A stunning beer garden, lovely staff, perfect Guinness and proper pub grub, you can't go wrong. Perfect for after work pints, Toner's is the perfect place to spend your short-lived Irish summer.

8) Octopussy, Howth:

If you're in the mood for sea-food, look no farther than Octopussy. Sitting right on the harbour, it's the full fish-experience, crab claws, prawns, calamari, everything that will get your taste buds raving. On a sunny day there's nowhere better to be than in Howth, next to the beach, as if you're in Spain. With cool interiors, outside seating and a view of the sea, Octopussy is the place to go.


9. Fish Shack, Malahide:

Yes, it's another fish restaurant, but the weather makes them even greater! Fish Shack in Malahide is pretty self explanatory. It's a shack-like restaurant, with loads of outdoor seating, that serves up the most unreal sea-food dishes you've ever heard of, including crab and cray-fish mac and cheese. Only a walk away from Malahide's famous coast, you can spend the whole afternoon here, and make a day out of it.

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Grainne Sharkey

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