10 Lazy Girl Tips For Losing 10 Pounds

So it's all well and good to subscribe to healthy instagrammers that tell you how to make Quinoa and lentil bake with a cayenne coconut and cashew sauce but how the hell are we supposed to afford that? Okay fine, it's not the expense most of the time, it's the effort. UGH. Seriously like, boiling an egg is about the size of it for me so I'll let you in on a few ways I managed to lost 10 pounds. They sound small, but trust me, if you practice them all, you'll start to see a difference.


1. Swap your latte/cappuccino to a flat white/americano


Yes I know you love your coffee and that it's like you're 'one thing', used to be mine to, until I realised it was a big contender in making me fat. A latte can be up to 290 calories, a flat white - 60. I used to have a large latte every single morning, a changed to a flat white (just as strong, just smaller) and now I only have Americanos (black coffee, no calories). You can train yourself to like anything, sure that's what you did with coffee in the first place isn't it.

2. Get a thinner based pizza



The difference between a thin crust pizza from Dominoes to a classic crust can be around 67 calories PER SLICE. That's over 600 calories in the difference for a large pizza. 600 calories is the equivalent of just under 3 BIG MACS. Make smarter choices, eat more.

3. Swap your crisps and nuts for popcorn


Yes, nuts are better for you but they are expensive as fuck and SUPER fattening. Manhattan Popcorn is your pal, cheap and low in calories.

4. Drink a litre of water as soon as you wake up



It's tough but I promise you, it makes a huge difference to your whole day. So much of the hunger you're feeling is dehydration. Start your day off like this and you'll notice a big difference in your appetite.

5. STOP calling into the chipper on your way home


Seriously, after all the calories you just drank, which is totally fine because you need to have fun FFS but you do NOT need these chips. Getting into this habit will pile the weight on so fast. GO HOME.

6. Make sure your fridge is full before a night out



Better yet, cook a shit load of brown pasta with whatever toppings you like and leave it in the fridge. When you wake up, you'll open the fridge, see it and devour it. Hey, it might not be a quinoa salad, but it's a hell of a lot better than a burger and chips. Make sure you have bacon, lettuce, cheese, tomato and basically all the makings of a good sandwich (wholemeal bread, of course). If you're anything like me, you're a bottomless pit when hungover, keep making sandwiches and stay away from the take away.

7. Switch to the spirits


Hate to tell you something that you probably already know but wine and beer are not your friend when you're trying to shift a few pounds. When it comes to dieting and drinking, clear spirits are really the only way forward. With only 60 calories in a vodka soda, 163 in a glass of wine and 180 in a pint of beer... Crouching Tiger Hidden Naggin in where it's at.

8. Get off a stop earlier



Might sound small, but moving more is a big part of losing weight. If you can't afford to hit the gym or find that you literally just could not be arsed going into a room full of posers and meat heads, then just start making small changes. Get off a stop earlier on your way to college, and extra 10 minute walk a day is over an hour a week, and I don't even study maths.

9. Take Magnesium and B Vitamins


Magnesium will curb what you think are sugar cravings but are in fact, your deficiency in magnesium. B Vitamins will keep you alert and energised so you're not looking for a sugar fix as soon as you get tired.

10. Drink Green Tea



Yep, the hype is true. Green Tea actually does aid weight loss. It's not the nicest tasting of drinks but hey, how much do you want to change? Have a cup a day, you'll get used to it.


So there it is! These tips won't make you drop 10 pounds in 10 days like all those completely ridiculous fad diets, but if you do each of them, I'd safely say you'll get there in a few mere months.


Good luck gals!


Sarah Power
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Unnatural blonde with a natural gift for wrapping presents. Never had one lesson. Big fan of Sex and the City, Eddie Vedder and men who have a good strong whistle. Hope to be a responsible woman one day, but for now I'm enjoying being a child in a woman's body. Pet peeve: People who abbreve everything.

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