18 Reasons Why Texting Guys Is The Absolute Worst

Oh lads we do love you, but we also fucking hate you at times. WHY DOES IT TAKE YOU THREE HOURS TO REPLY TO MY TEXT? The whole texting game is a pain in the arse tbh. Sometimes I won't text you back for an hour, and that's ok, we're both busy. But, when you take three days to reply to my flirty AF text, well, I start to go a little bit insane. Here's why texting guys is just the worst, end of.

1. Sometimes you say something cheeky, and until he texts back you stare at your phone thinking "Why did I do that? Why am I a fucking disaster at life?"

 2. Boys have no concept of time. Three minutes, or three centuries? Boys have no idea. Because they're thick AF.

3. Not being able to sleep at night waiting for a reply, when in reality he is fast asleep himself, snoring his head off. Selfish pr*ck.


 4. We always wait for a cute morning text like "Wake up beautiful :)", but you've a better chance of getting a First Class Honours than getting one of those.

5. My sarcasm doesn't always translate to texting, so sometimes I sound ridiculously bitchy, and obviously he doesn't get it.

6. Generally, waiting for a response is complete agony. Man, don't text me unless you have time to text me back. And you should always have time to text me back.


7. We have too much time to think about what we want to say. I'll sometimes spend 15 (fine, 30) minutes trying to craft the perfect text message.



8. Sometimes, if he takes like 20 minutes to text back, I have to leave my phone in the other room to stop myself from replying too quickly and looking like a desperate freak.

 9. Now on Facebook and Whatsapp we actually can see when they've "seen" our messages. WHO WOULD CREATE SUCH AN EVIL THING?

10. Emojis. Guys just don't understand how much we analyse the emojis that they send us. A winky face = he so wants to bang me, right?!


11. The ability to re-read conversations. And re-read, and analyse, and re-read again. Texting is any over-thinkers worst nightmare.

 12. When they're texting someone else in front of you. Eh, hello? Rude little f*cker like, the only person you should be texting is right in front of you?

 13. Personalities don't translate well to text; for some reason when I'm texting I just come across as a needy, co-dependent idiot. Which I'm totally not btw.


 14. I hate when they don't have time to text you back, but they have plenty of time for sharing stupid football videos on Facebook. Hmmmm...

 15. When you text them a long, heart wrenching story... And they reply with an emoji. Fuck you is all I say to that.

16. Guys sometimes seem like one person when you're talking to them, and someone completely different when you're texting i.e both are shitheads, but in different ways.


 17. (...) The dots that appear when someone is typing back. Again, complete agony. Text faster!!!

 18. I feel I must include this twice because it's honestly soul shattering. WAITING FOR A REPLY


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Áine O'Donnell

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