10 Reasons Platinum Is The Hair Colour Of The Summer

If you want to look like a goddess this summer, why not consider going platinum? The colour pops against all skin tones and makes you stand out amongst the all-too-similar crowd. In case that wasn't enough to convince you to try it, here are 10 more reasons platinum is the hair colour of the season.

1. It can make your shitty hair look so healthy and shiny.

2. It will make you look like a fierce, beachy mermaid.

3. It plays nice with other colours.


4. Like, fucking multiple different colours:

5. It's effortlessly gorgeous.



6. You can make it look like this:

7. And this:

8. And like this too:


9. You'll resemble Taylor Momsen- which is a dream come true.

10. It will even look good when your roots start to show.

Bonus: You'll still look fabulous when autumn rolls around.


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Credit: BuzzFeedYellow

Shanell Peterson

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