10 Struggles Of People With Shit Eyesight

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Sorry. I didn't have my glasses on. Do you see (excuse me) how hard it is for people with shit eyesight? Very. I mean, I was literally pressing the completely wrong buttons on my laptop... Its totally the reason why Pornhub keeps getting repeatedly searched on google chrome on my laptop BTW... fuck, its hard having shit vision... It's tough being a 'Prescription Victim'...

1. When You Have To Go Without Them In Public.

And if you're near-sighted... Ugh. People are walking towards you from a distance, you could know them and you appear to be ignoring them and you're not. OR you're literally squinting in a weird way at a complete stranger and they're just thinking, "What're you lookin' at?!"

2. Sunny Days.


Don't wear contact lenses? Or left them at home maybe? Then it's normal, boring glasses for you my friend, while everyone else gets to wear their cool sunnies. NEVER WEAR SUNGLASSES OVER REGULAR GLASSES ITS STUPID AND WEIRD.


3. Eye Tests.

When the optician is right in your grill, breathing out of their noisy lips into your ear-lobe the words: "Better? Or worse?" You are either creeped out by it, or turned on by it. Neither is OK in a shopping mall at three o'clock on a Saturday.


4. Losing Them/ Breaking Them.

Its such a pain in the ass, especially if you actually like your frames for once, y'know? Going drinking and getting drunk is always fun, but wearing glasses while doing it is just another thing to worry about losing then. Its crap.

5. If You Need To Drive.


Well, legally you can't if you don't have your glasses with you. So get on that public transport, you squinting weirdo.


6. Not Looking Cool.


I know wearing glasses has become mainstream now, and beautiful celebs wear them and stuff. But even with the emphasis being put on making cooler/hipper shades, I still look like an absolute geek. Karl Largerfeld's collection can't save this nerd.


7. Fixating On Laser-Eye Surgery.

It's not expensive as it once was, but it's still more expensive than not getting it done, if you know what I mean. People I know with glasses never shut up about it. Go get it done and stop annoying me!


8. Coating, Scratch-Resistant, Anti- Reflective, Anti- Fog...

Translates as "How opticians give me glasses to wear but charge me a lot of money doing it."

9. Annoying People Wanting To Wear Them All The Time.


Oh, you've just taken my glasses off of my head?! Oh you Libertine... How can one soul shine so brightly?

10. People Think I'm Smarter Than I Actually Am.

...I look smart like a college lecturer or something... But I still laugh at cat videos on Youtube, so...



Video: The 7 Worst Things About Wearing Glasses



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