24 Struggles You Have If You're Always Losing Things

Being a person that loses everything in their lives is not so fun. You spend so much money replacing things that you have no money for straight up buying everything in Penneys. Losing things has just become a part of your life, and you're starting to accept that now. Here are 23 struggles that you face if you're always losing things.


1. You’ve cancelled your card so many times, the bank are starting to get fed up with you.

2. You’ve also done that thing where you lose your card, cancel it and then find it like 10 minutes later.


3. You've written that 'lost my phone again, if you need me, contact me on this' Facebook status too many times.

4. You always have the underlying fear when you go to any public place that you’ll put something important down somewhere and forget about it/have it stolen.


5. And because of your carelessness, you’ve had something stolen at least once*. (*Several times, let's keep this real here guys)

6. You have the tendency to dwell on things that were stolen in the past, and think of ways it could’ve been avoided. (ie. you cry all of the time thinking how much better life would be if you still had your iPhone with the unicorn cover.)



7. You frequently pat yourself to see if you have your phone on your person.

8. Spoiler Alert: You don't.


9. You’re always the one to leave something important at a friend’s house.

10. You’ve spent hours looking for something that you put in a different place while you were cleaning.


11. You’ve also searched for something for hours only to find out that it was chillin’ on your table the entire time.

12. You try to retrace your steps when you can’t find something, but you rarely get anywhere, because your brain is mush.

13. You often leave your house forgetting to take the most important thing with you. (Passport to the airport is the most common culprit)


14. You get asked “Is this your phone, on the ground?” entirely way too often.

15. You’d prefer not to think about the number of phone chargers you’ve had to replace over the years.


16. When you’re drunk, you frequently leave yourself little notes or clues before you go to bed that will help you find everything in the morning. (UR SHOEZ R IN THE FRIDGE OK??)

17. You really prefer the word 'misplace'. It somehow sounds a lot more responsible and a lot less morbid than saying IT’S LOST FOREVER.


18. You are constantly waiting for the day when fanny packs come back into style. Because it’s impossible to lose things when you have a fanny pack. That day will be the day that changes everything.

19. You always wonder "why don't they make a Find my iPhone feature that works for EVERY SINGLE ITEM you own.


20. Your keys are constantly disappearing, and you swear that there’s some kind of ghost playing a trick on you.

20. When you can’t find something and someone tries to help by saying, “Where was the last place you left it?” you have to stop yourself from punching them in the face. "IF I KNEW THAT I WOULDN'T HAVE A PROBLEM NOW WOULD I?


21. You are that shopper that returns to the shop in a panic, asking if they have the various bags that you’re pretty sure you left in their toilet.

22. You develop an immediate fear when you get given something important.


23. You are known in the phone shop as 'that person' who buys a new block phone every week. And you're proud of it.



Credit: Buzzfeed.

Áine O'Donnell

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