9 Texts You Want To Send But Never Do

9 Texts You Want To Send But Never Do

So you've counted to ten and that rage that was flowing through you has now subsided, you think again and tell yourself you're a better person than that, you put the phone back in your pocket and get on with your day....but what if you weren't able to be a better person? What if that scumbag deserves a text piece of your mind? Here are the texts you want to send but never do!

1. To your room-mate:

“The gas bill came in, it's 40 euro each. Also, I can hear the bed shaking when there's no one else in there, I know what you're up to and it makes me sick.”


2. To your parents:

“I love you both, can I borrow 2 grand that I will not be returning, ever, thanks"



3. To that someone you've wanted to date forever:

“Hey. I like you. I think you like me. Let’s just be adults about this and stop dancing around it. Do you want to go on a date?”

4. To another ex:

“Hey, just passed your house and thought of you. Okay, I did it on purpose so I could send this text. This is my excuse to reach out.”..."I'm standing outside" ":)"

5. To that friend who ALWAYS goes missing on nights out:

“WTF like...why are you such a bitch, you always bail on me, I'm going to make new friends, bitch, bitch”


6. To your boyfriend:

“Can you please reply to me with with something other than a pet name, emoticon or a yes/no scenario and stop making me feel so unloved”


7. To your girlfriend:

"Sure thing hun :-)"

8. To the ex you drunk texted:

"Am..sorry about that drunken text, I actually still think about you a lot and would like to see you again..lolz"

9. To everyone who wrecked your place during a session:

“How about all of you come back and help me clean up?”


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