The 10 Types Of Pain In The Ass Facebook Friends We All Love To Hate

We all have them, we bitch and moan about them... But we still don't 'hide' them....

1) The Bragger


This is the friend who is posting about all of their material items. Example: "New Car!" "New Phone!" "New Hair!" Also posts exotic holiday snaps when the rest of us are stuck in work or college, and the only beach we will see is the one on our desktop wallpaper.

2) The Selfie Queen



This person is CONSTANTLY posting pictures of them self, although you're pretty sure you know what they look like already...

3) The Joker


Everyone has a few of these; the ones who post random hilarious statements that you have definitely pondered in your own head before but have never been ballsy enough to say aloud...


4) The Music Boff


This person usually falls into the indie or hipster category and posts a youtube link for some new, hip, under recognised band on a daily basis.

5) The Sauce Monster



Usually girls, this is the one who is always posting pictures of them out on the town, glammed up to the max, pulling the most perfected duck face you have ever seen.

6) The Hangover Friend


This is the kind of people who post statuses about how "fuckin' dyyyyin" they are, or who are tagged in photos looking worse for wear after a heavy night of boozing.


7) The Foodie


This is the person who uploads photos of the meal they're about to eat/have just eaten. So. Annoying. And it makes us have uncontrollable cravings... Foooooooood, nom.

8) The Promoter



That guy who invites you to every event under the sun, knowing that you have no intention, nor will you ever have, of going to the "Lads Poker Night" or the "Sexy Strippers" club evening. Also thinks he's a fucking booooss.

9) The Hypocrite


This is the friend who posts really positive, uplifting quotes, or links inspirational stories, but you know that in person they are pessimistic, down trodden, miserable shites. Also the people who make cruel, unnecessary comments one week, then post a status about how that-thing-they-said-last-week is a pet peeve of theirs.

10) The Moaner


Constantly taking to facebook to post about what a shitty day they're having, or to write about pointless things none of us give a shit about, such as "Waiting for the bus in the rain :(" Shut up please.

Sandra Carty
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Currently bumming it, fresh outta college, slowly and reluctantly becoming an adult while trying to decide what to do with the rest of my life. I like drinking and interpretive dance, preferably in that order.

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