10 Types of Girls You Can Become on Valentine's Day

Valentine's Day is the day of the year solely perpetrated for those lovesick puppies. But if you are single do not feel alone and discouraged. This could be your night to find the man of your dreams. If not, you are guaranteed to get the shift, at least, as everyone hitting the tiles will be single. Unless a couple grimace and face out for a night of awkward slow dancing and Miley Cy twerking with the rest of the singletons. Whether you love it or loath it, you will still celebrate it. As no one wants to stay in, you will be doing something no matter what. Here are the 10 types of girls you can become on this card company creation of a holiday.

Happy Valentine's Day to All!

1) The Wined & Dined

There is always the girl who is smitten with her beau and get's wined and dined on her favorite day of the year. Annoying fact: she has never been single on Valentine's Day. Her boyfriend will pull out all the stops. There will be flowers and chocolates in the morning, followed by a lovely meal in the evening. She loves him, he loves her, and there is even champagne. Let them rejoice in their happiness. Or vomit in your mouth with envy and disgust. Your choice really!

2) The Underachiever

This girl has never been wined and dined by a man on this special day. And was even forced to pay for the whole dinner one Valentine's day last year. S0 no surprises when she is shocked that her new Mr.Right has gotten her a great gift for Valentine's day and plans to bring her somewhere decent. Her friends are surprised, she's surprised, it's a momentous occasion for all (not really for all but were happy for her).


3) The Let Down Lady

This girl has been let down severally this Valentine's day. Her boyfriend promised her the whole nine yards, instead he gave her a card and a pat on the back.

4) The Heartbreaker

There's always one Heartbreaker on Valentine's Day. This girl decides "I don't care what day it is I don't want to be with him. And, he is dumped." She then proceeds to show no pain or remorse and enjoys her night out with her girlfriends.


5) The Heartbroken

As well as a Heartbreaker, there is also a girl that is Heartbroken on Valentine's day. She is broken up with on the day and has to wallow in sadness while her ex has a night out with the 'lads'. This is sad and, let's face it, disrespectful. All her friends will give her the upmost sympathy and kill the guy if they see him.

6) The Singleton


I don't care what anyone says but being single on Valentine's Day isn't the worst. If you have a good set of single friends for the night out, it can be very fun and entertaining. Just remember on a night like this women are putty in men's hands so keep those standards up.

7) The Depresso

Some girls do take it to heart and The Depresso is one of them. They would prefer to sit at home and dwell on why their single than go out with their friends or do something productive. Depresso you can do this. Get up. Get out. And, have some fun!

8) The Partier


This girl has done the whole date thing with her boyfriend earlier that day. But still has time to go out with her friends that evening. Her boyfriend may be going out with his friends to the same nightclub but at least they can be apart for five minutes.

9) The Mess

There is always one drunken mess on a night out and on Valentine's day it all just got a bit much for this girl. Even though she is having a fantastic night, those tears are flowing.

10) The Optimist

There is always one girl who will not care about Valentine's day celebrations. She doesn't have a man and, hell, she doesn't need a man either. She is loving life and just wants to party, dance and have a good time.

When in doubt of your actions on this Valentine's evening, just think, what would Meryl Streep say?

Lauren Rol
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Lauren Rol: A UCD graduate who spends most of her time watching the Soaps. A devout fan of Chinese food and a French Bulldog obsessive.

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