11 Reasons To Be Thankful In Ireland

Although we don't celebrate Thanksgiving, there are many things to be thankful for living in Ireland. So before having your dinner tonight, make sure you all join hands, say a quick prayer, and keep all of these Irish blessings in mind.

1.Red lemonade

 But where do they get the red lemons from?- don't ask!!

2.Scary animals don't live here

 The upside of the weather being shit, is that none of these bastards could survive here!


3.Getting plastered is socially acceptable

 Sure haven't we all woken up behind a pack of bins wondering what day it is and where all our clothes have went? Haven't we? Gas craic!

4.Home of Marty Morrissey

Men beg to be one of his friends, women just beg.....


5. Safe haven for gingers

 The sun doesn't shine too bright here, allowing the ginger race to survive.

6. Chicken fillet rolls

Butter or mayo? Spicy or plain? Could this be heaven?


7. The milk isn't shit

In Ireland, people who buy UHT or goat's milk are either lactose intolerant or arseholes.

 8. Tayto and King crisps

Because Walker's taste like solidified puke. Yuck!



9. Black and white pudding

Because who ever said eating blood and pig meat was wrong, obviously hasn't tried Clonakilty pudding...

10. We have our OWN language

And although not many people speak it that well, things like this are bound to bring it back...


11. We have real brown bread

Not only is it better for you than white bread, but your mammy probably makes it as well which is always a plus for any Irishman.



David Keenan
Article written by
D.I.T and N.U.I.M graduate, socially retarded but a nice lad nonetheless

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