11 Reasons You Must Listen To East India Youth

1. East India Youth is the performance name of 22 year old William Doyle, a mutli-instrumentalist from Bournemouth, Doyle took the name from the docklands neigbourhood in London he currently resides in.

2. Doyle’s music is, in a nutshell, Synth Pop, quite a common genre at the moment, but he delivers it with distinct difference.

3. He's got a new album out called Total Strife Forever and if you like Cut Copy and M83 you'll love East India Youth


4. Because Doyle is a multi instrumentalist and rather trendy.

5. The Hostel E.P. already had music critics twitching and excited for the release of Total Strife Forever and rightly so, the early signs are that Doyle could be one of the most gifted young musicians in the U.K. at the moment.

6. William Doyle’s undoubted talent lies in his mastery of such a variety of conventional and electronic instruments and gadgets.


7. It's an uplifting album to the take the edge off the January blues.

8. In ‘Looking for Someone’ (see video above), the song begins with Doyle doing a vocal solo...YAY

9. Because you can order an mp3 or m4a download for only €4.99 here


10. Because we gave him this many stars out of 5

11. And even more finally because you can listen to his soundcloud below





Remy Connolly

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