11 Things That Turn Guys Off

Guys are quite instinctual beings and when we have our mind set on something there are very few things that will deter us. There are however some things that will turn a guy off. They might seem like mild annoyances, but really they can keep a guy away. Whether it's in the bedroom or just getting to know a girl, here are the things that turn guys off.

11) Bad breath

It may seem like quite an obvious one, but the last thing a guy wants to smell is what you had for breakfast when they're talking to you. It's even worse when it's something very potent like eggs or onions. So next time you're just after eating a curry, buy some gum so that we they won't have to smell it.

10) Lack of common sense

When girls play dumb it can actually make a guy more attracted to a girl, but when they have a serious lack of common knowledge it's frustrating. If a guy has to explain almost everything to a girl then it can get very irritating to say the least. There is nothing wrong with playing a little dumb, but if that's all you do then guys lose interest quickly.


9) Bad personal hygiene

If you thought bad breath sucked, bad personal hygiene is way worse, as long as you smell decent you won't repel guys. We all have those moments where we're not looking our best or didn't get a chance to have a shower, so next time you're in that situation get some deodorant or some perfume to mask the smell.

8) Too much perfume

On the opposite end of the spectrum is when a girl has too much perfume on. Guys love it when a girl has a noticeable scent, but not when they're caked in it. When the smell is overpowering it can actually turn a guy off, you must clearly smell really bad if you have to wear that much perfume.


7) Being stuck up

Guys don't respond well to girls that think they are above everyone else for some strange reason. Whether it's because they were born with a silver spoon in their mouth or they have a false sense of entitlement, guys are not attracted to it. It's hard enough getting to know them, but to actually date them would be a nightmare.

6) Being in anyway hairy

The last thing a guy wants to see is a girl that is in anyway hairy, it's not attractive if a girl has a bit of a Ronnie. It's even worse if you get into bed with her and you find out that she hasn't shaved her legs in years. If a girl has more hair than you then you know you should steer clear of them.


5) Wearing pyjamas outside

Seriously, there is no excuse for wearing pyjamas outside, you must to be incredibly lazy. If a guy sees you in pyjamas the last thing he is going to think is how good you look. So next time you think about just popping down to the shop in your pyjamas remember there will be a lot of people around, so put some actual clothes on.

4) Bad mouthing your friends

If you're just getting to know a girl you don't want her to ridicule your friends. You're not going to like everyone, but if she has no problem with bad mouthing your friends in front of you then you need to cut ties with her. It's all about having respect, guys have friends too, so they need to respect that.


3) Living on their phone

If they are always looking down at their phone and can never take a second to look up when they're is talking to you it's incredibly annoying. She laughs and you think it's because of what you said, but actually it's because of a text she got. You just feel like taking the phone off her and smashing it off the wall.

2) Too much fake tan

It's a real turn off for a guy if a girl wears way too much fake tan. We get it, you want look like you have some colour, but caking on the fake tan makes it worse. There is nothing wrong with a little fake tan, but if a girl is bright orange and looks like an Oompa Loompa then guys are always turned off.

1) Getting insanely drunk

There are always those girls that get too drunk and end up having a fight every time they go out. They fit right in on Jersey Shore, because that's literally all they do. Guys are completely turned off by a girl that can't even walk to the taxi and end up getting sick all over the place. This is definitely one of the biggest turn offs for guys.

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