12 Hangover Movies To Get You Through The Pain

Hangover day, usually a Sunday or Saturday but because it's still summer the lucky ones will have a few hangover days during the middle of the week. Whatever day it is it can be made better by eating some food and watching a movie with friends.

Here is a suggestion of a few flicks to watch when you're feeling ill the morning after the night before...

The Road

Welcome to the most depressing movie of all time. The Road is a post apocalyptic nightmare and a post drinking dream. Sometimes you have to go to the very bottom to pick yourself back up. Warning.. Don't watch alone.



Requiem For A Dream

Depressing movie stage part 2. Features an unreal soundtrack even if the movie is incredibly bleak.


The Divide

One word... Grim. You won't ever forget this movie it's genuinely that upsetting and harrowing.



Crazy Stupid Love

Depression stage is over by now (hopefully). Rom Com number 1 on the list is Crazy Stupid Love, why? Because Ryan Gosling is great.



40 Year Old Virgin

More Steve Carell. Funny and sad at the same time.


Finding Nemo

Why not? The most underrated Disney movie. Might seem a bit childish but it's definitely needed to cheer you up.



Harold and Kumar

Got the munchies? Grab some munch and watch Neil Patrick Harris lose the plot.



Get Him To The Greek

One of the funniest movies of the past few years, Russell Brand, P Diddy, Jonah Hill and Colm Meaney amongst others will boost any hangover blues.


Bruce Almighty

It's time for some brief introspection. Really makes you think about life and where you're going... Until you remember it's a movie where Jim Carey and Morgan Freeman both play God?



All The New Batman Movies

If you're going to watch any trilogy that's not the 'Lord Of The Rings'  it might as well be Christopher Nolan's Batman movies. We suggest you watch all 3 in a row... What else would you be doing all day?




Zombie Apocalypse comedy with Woody Harrelson. Mindless fun for a hangover, not for those with a weak stomach however.


The Matrix

Mind Blown... Try and watch this with a mushy brain and not come out forever confused.


Shane Johnston
Article written by
Editor for CollegeTimes, UCD graduate and music lover. [email protected]

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