The 13 Greatest Fears Of A Leaving Cert Student

1. That The Only Poet You Studied Won't Come Up

Whenever anyone asks someone who sat their Leaving Cert in 2012 about how many points they got, the answer will always be along the lines of "well I got 400 but that's because Heaney or Plath never came up, I should've gotten a lot more". Yes, I was one of those students and I still carry the anger around with me today. If you're banking on one or two poets for English this year, fare thee well good sir.

2. Should I Sit The Honours Paper?

Will I pass it? Won't I pass it? I've paid hundreds of euro on grinds all year but now in the 10 seconds before the exam starts feels like the right time to decide to switch to pass...

3. That The Biome Essay Won't Come Up For Geography


Is that possible?? I sure as hell hope not or half the country is f*cked.

4. Tummy Rumbles

You'll be sitting through approximately two hours of dead silence at a time surrounded by your peers, a.k.a the perfect time for your stomach to alert those around you that you didn't listen to your mother and you skipped breakfast.

5. That The Recession Won't Come Up For The Honours Irish Essay Question

You've crammed a few phrases in last minute all relating to the state of the country in it's current economic state so, by God, no matter what comes up you'll be talking about the recession (although you still have your fingers and toes crossed that they'll give you a lovely question asking you about the economy directly so you can just scribble out what you rote learned and not have to think about it).


6. That You'll Forget Your Calculator For Maths

Is it packed? It was packed the last 20 times you checked but you better check again just in case.


7. That The Speaker On The Irish Tape Will Be From Donegal


"Dia dhuit, is mise Sean agus tá mé i mo chonaí i Dún na nGall." B*LLOCKS.

8. That You Won't Get Enough Points To Go To The Same College As Your Friends

Feck the course, more importantly what if you don't get enough points to join Sarah in NUIG to drink away all the terrible memories of the big LC?



If you're that person who has an exam a week after everyone else you'll have a serious case of the ol' FOMO disease (Fear Of Missing Out) when you're stuck at home studying atoms while everyone else is out studying how many drinks it takes to knock every bit of study from the last few months out of their brain.

10. That If You Go Another Month Looking At College Student's Pictures From Nights Out You May Die Of    Alcohol Deprivation

Seriously, it's a real thing.

11. That You'll Forget To Wear Your Miraculous Medal & As A Direct Result Fail Everything


Just for the love of God don't forget to bless yourself with holy water before you leave the house.

12. That You'll Be Asked A Long Question In The Conditional Tense 

French, German, Irish, Spanish, whatever language you're taking, the conditional tense is a scary motherf*cker. You've learned off a few of them but answering a whole long question in the conditional? Forget about it.

13. That Everything You Learned Will Be Completely Useless To You After The Exams

I hate to break it to you ....

Emma Sweeney

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