13 Things To Know If You're Going To Brazil

Having spent 5 months over the past year and a half in Brazil working I have come to discover many thing about this country that I would have never imagined. In an attempt to avoid stereotypes and generalisations here is a list of some impressions a gringo might face in Brazil.

1) Is Gringo an insult?

One of the first things I tried to figure out. 'Hey Gringa' was occasionally used to summon me. Being a 'Gringa' another word for white/European/American/Foreigner and isn't as offensive as when it is used in Mexican Spanish. Phew.

2) Brazilians have some serious moves...

An obvious stereotype of Brazilians but like you haven't seen anything until you've seen some Forró- watching everybody dance in couples is enchanting. Not to even mention to unbelievable music.


3) 'Twerking' is not a new phenomenon

Brazilians have been doing it for years.. and doing it much better then Miley Cyrus ever could.

4) Playing the accordion makes you a rock star

I was shocked to see how many accordionists were used in bands. Like, a lot.


5) Being a gringo comes with the assumption that you are rich.

Ha! I wish. It took a student loan and a good few part time jobs to travel to Brazil. Being stingy and a student however is a lot of fun in a country where you can get a litre of Cashsa for maybe €3

6) BBQ/ Churrasco is a meaty feast

The most delicious part of the party - getting drunk and eating is something you usually do separately in Ireland. In Brazil it seems that beer and meat go hand in hand.


7) Drinking Culture

Even though Brazilians drink a lot - they don't have the same desire of many Europeans to get 'fucked up'. Having a good time is more important then being paralytic.

8) Speed

Supermarket queues are ridiculously slow whereas bus drivers drive like they're in Mario cart. I wish you would swap bus drivers with the people who work at the check out. #Efficiency


9) Wow. Football.

Okay I'm pretty much pointing out an obvious one here but Brazilians and football. It's not even a hobby in Brazil but a way of life.

10) Fuck FIFA

In contrast to Brazilians obvious love of football, using media attention to draw to the numerous social issues that effects Brazil was far more important. Riots have drawn a massive amount of attention to the inequality and need for taxes to be spent on more then just football.


11) Brazilian Body Confidence

Your perception of body confidence should be used as an example across the world. Fat/thin/old/young/black/white - it doesn't matter. Confidence is key.

12) 'Booty' is an understatement

Everyone should appreciate a good ass, Brazil's are top shelf shit.


13) The 'Slut' stereotype is ridiculous

Men have this idea that all Brazilian women are down for whatever but that couldn't be further from the truth. Branding an entire nations women as slutty is not just untrue it's also moronic. These are respectable beautiful women who have a stupid stereotype on them.



Therese Walsh
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Therese Walsh is a recent graduate of University College Dublin with the entirely employable degree of English and music. She enjoys the facts on the inside of snapple caps and writing mini biographies.

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