13 Times Scrubs Just Got Too Real

13 Times Scrubs Just Got Too Real

Scrubs was no sitcom. It was a life lesson. It's one of the few 21st century shows that combined side-splitting laughs with 'nah, there's just something in my eye moments,' along with having the best sitcom soundtrack of all time, per my reckoning. And that should be enough for you. Every Scrubs fan still has a go-to Scrubs playlist for the bad days, yeah? Guys???

We've been reflecting on the moments where Scrubs got too real, and well, I'm not going to lie to you; I might actually watch the entire series again.

13) 'I Love You More Than Turk'

Let's be clear; to Scrubs fans, despite the meta reference by the characters in the show, the health of JD and Elliot's relationship was far more important than the Ross - Rachel saga from the previous decade. This was the real thing.
Ted playing an acoustic cover of Outkast's 'Hey Ya' (inspired by Matt Wattle of Obidiah Parker) set the mood. The Janitor was, at last, genuinely happy. And JD said the words Scrubs fans had been waiting for, even if they weren't entirely true:

"I love you more than Turk."


12) My Old Lady

JD just didn't want to let her go.

11) Dr. Cox Confides In Elliot

A rare insight into the gloriously scarce soft side of Dr. Perry Cox.


10) Dan Stands Up To Dr. Cox

A forgotten gem. I can't be the only one who punched the air when Dan warned Perry to stop making JD's life at Sacred Heart a misery. Credit to Coxy, he took it like a champ, and gave Dan his moment. (Scene begins at 2:15)

9) "It Should've Been Me"


'My Cold Shower' ends with JD regretting his decision to hold his tongue as Elliot and Keith got re-engaged, and it bloody killed us. The song here is 'Stolen' by Dashboard Confessional.

8) Dr. Cox's Love Monologue

"Relationships don't work the way they do on the television or the movies."


7) Sesame Street

After 8 years, JD still cared as much as he always did. The same could not be said of the new interns. But I think the 'realness' here stems from the hysteric confusion of the woman who is about to lose her husband, and JD's response. Sesame Street acoustic cover by Joshua Radin.

6) JD's Finale


Like Mr. Dorian, we had built it up in our heads to be a monumental moment. Peter Gabriel's 'The Book of Love' played him out to the imaginary acclaim of some famous and forgotten faces from the previous 8 seasons. In reality, everybody had gone home. It made us feel lonely.

And then, a slowed, acoustic riff from 'I'm No Superman' as he got into his car made us weep and weep.

5) Laverne's Accident

After an episode spent trying to convince Laverne that not everything happens for a reason, which she took as an affront to her spiritual beliefs, Dr. Cox arrives at Sacred Heart to some horrible news. There's no sense of vindication. Just conspicuous sadness. The song here is 'Ain't No Reason' by Brett Dennen.


4) Laverne's Death

Our hearts broke with Carla's. I can't really say any more.


3) Dr. Cox's Breakdown

Jill's tragic death offers hope to three of Dr. Cox's patients - to one of whom he has grown quite close - who require organ transplants. Assuming Jill had died from a drug overdose, two of Cox's patients receive transplants, but crash due to what the hospital discovers is rabies - which also killed Jill.

Cox is broken, but both lost patients were terminal prior to the botched transplants. It was a Hail Mary to nothing. His third patient is not terminal however, and his subsequent death drives Cox over the edge.

2) JD's Speech To His Fallen Idol


The speech is nice, but this was all about the 'thank you' in the bar.

1) Ben's Funeral

I have listened to 'Winter' by Joshua Radin at least twice a week for the last 11 years. Along with Dr. Cox's breakdown in 'My Lunch,' this is the bona fide, go-to example of Scrubs just getting too real. It was both horrible and beautiful in equal measure, and made a man of me at 11 years of age.

Kyle Mulholland

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