14 Truths Someone Really Should Have Told Me About Finishing College

It's almost graduation. Are you ready? Of course not! No one is ready! Life is scary! BUT YOU GOT THIS! From an accomplished 22 year old (lol jk, I still fuck up doing my washing) to someone about to graduate, here are 14 things I wish someone had told me about finishing college:

1. Drinks Are Not That Cheap.


If you went to college in a small town, then you're used to only bringing out a tenner and calling it a night. Drinks are not that cheap in the real world. So, drink down those multiple vodka sodas while you can afford them now. Get use to pre-drinking. It will save your wallet.

2. You Probably Should Have Worked On Your CV.


All those summers spent partying at the lake aren't going to help you now. While you're finishing up college, work on your CV. Volunteer, intern, start a blog, read more. Everything you consume will help you with experience for your CV. Ughhhhhh.


3. Living Next Door To Your Friends Is A Luxury That Doesn't Last Forever.


Seriously. The one thing I miss from college is living within arms reach of all my best friends. That will literally never happen again. You will all follow your own paths, some will move to different cities, others will move in with their S.O., but just know that it was such a luxury to live in that environment while you had it.

4. You Probably, Almost Definitely Won't Nail Your Dream Job Right Away.



And you don't really want to! IMO, that means you're peaking too early. You want the struggle, and you want the bad/awkward/stressful job. It makes you a better person, and it gives you insight into your dreams. I'm telling you. Chill. You got this.

5. Have A Plan, But Be Willing To Change It.


Have a plan after college, even if it's something small. There is nothing worse than doing literally nothing. Travel. Take that job as a waitress to save money. Move to a different city. Whatever you do, be open to change. Change at this age will only benefit you, so welcome it! Go out and fuck some shit up.




6. Be Honest About What You Want.


If you know you don't want to work in sales, then don't. If you want to make music, make music. If you always wanted to move to New York, do the damn thing! Being honest with yourself really is the secret to happiness. Don't waste your time fucking around doing something you hate because you feel like you should.

7. Network, Baby!



So, networking can be daunting and stressful. No matter how much you love or hate it, networking really is the key to connecting you to your future. People will introduce you to opportunities you wouldn't have received otherwise. Attend those career fairs at school when everyone else sleeps in. Get out there, and mingle your ass off.

8. Rejection Is Inevitable And Good.


Rejection is a necessary part of life. If I was accepted for every job I applied for or dated every guy I had an interest in, I would be on the wrong path in my life. Rejection is like the universe guiding you through an abundance of options. Trust rejection, even if you don't understand it. Just know it happens to everyone, even if you feel some people are untouched by it. They've been rejected. That guy didn't call them the next day either. It's cool, we're all in the same boat.


9. College Was The Best 4 Years Of Your Life...So Far.


"College will be the 4 best years of your life!!!" I. Hate. That. Saying. You still have the REST OF YOUR LIFE to live, and you're gonna tell me I just lived the best years in my late teens and early twenties? Ummm no. I won't let that happen, and you shouldn't either. College should be the start of the best years of your life, not the end of them. Prove that expression wrong, get out in the world and keep livin'.

10. Start Cooking.


Sure, I would love to have take-out and pizza everyday, but when you learn to cook, you open a world of health (literally). You start discovering new food you like, new food you don't like, and you develop a new independent skill: cooking!


11. Think About Moving.


I know it seems scary to pick up and move to a new place, but just think about it. This is one of the only times in your life you have minimal responsibilities and a lot of energy. There are so many people to meet and opportunities in this world. Isn't there a place you've always wanted to travel to? Try traveling there, and you never know; it could be your new home.

12. Don't Jump Into Adult Life Too Soon.



Do you actually want all those burdens and responsibilities at 23 years old? A mortgage, children, marriage, bills, bills, bills???? If you're lucky enough to move home, move the fuck home. People like to hate on it, but you SHOULD do it if you CAN do it. My parents and I got closer, I started easing my way into adult life, and I made proper decisions about my future without committing to everything right off the bat.

13. Getting 5 Hours Of Sleep Daily Is Damaging You.


You make think you function better on less sleep, but stop it. Stop being stupid. Your body is literally not made to function on less than 7 or 8 hours of sleep a day. You need all those hours to recuperate and replenish. Once in awhile catching less sleep is inevitable, but don't make it a habit. Get those Z's, fool!

14. Reach Out To People You Admire.



I learned more from talking to people I admire than any class could have taught me. Email that filmmaker in your town. Ask to grab a cup of coffee with your professor. All these interactions and conversations are invaluable. Also, they will help you figure out your dreams and paths you should take.


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