16 Arguments You Will Definitely Have With Your Roommates This Year

Starting college is an exciting time for most people, you're are basically starting a new life... New friends, new teachers, new love interests, but best of all, if you're lucky enough, you get to move out of your house and live with other like minded people...

However, it wont be plain sailing all the time, you're guaranteed to get on each others nerves at some point, for one of many stupid reasons. Oh, don't let it put you off though, it'll still be fun, kind of...

September 27th was two months ago, throw out your milk...

Who left the heating on?

Who turned the heating off?


Who took my food from the fridge? Yeh the one with my name on it...

Is anyone going to clean those pots, they've been there for a week!


Who got sick in the kitchen sink?

Why is this place such a shithole?

Hurry up in the bathroom


Who the fuck are these strangers sleeping on the floor?

I'm not taking the bins out again, I did it last week...

Why are you having a party, it's Tuesday and I’m trying to sleep!


How did my Friends DVD end up getting scratched?

Never heard of Netflix, no?

You deal with the creepy landlord this time?

Is your Boyfriend / Girlfriend going to leave anytime soon?

Who used all the hot water?

Ehmm, can you stop having such loud sex...

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