18 Bad Habits Every Girl Is Guilty Of

Boys always get a bad rap for having filthy habits like leaving the toilet seat up and farting all over the place. Well, we thought we'd turn it around and reveal some of the worst bad habits that girls are guilty of.

Whether it's poor hygiene or wearing heels that would never pass a healthy & safety test, girls have some issues of their own.

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1. Not taking make-up off before going to sleep

And waking up like this...


2. Picking at spots

3. Eating a mountain of chocolate when they feel bad

4. Nail-biting


5. Picking nail varnish off

6. Forgetting to put deodorant on

And SERIOUSLY regretting it later


7. Lifting a tiny dumbbell once a week and claiming to be really into exercise

8. Reading trashy magazines they know are terrible to women

But secretly enjoying them anyway...


9. Stealing each other's clothes (whether it's from a housemate, sister or mother)

10. Spending WAY too much time constructing a text message

11. Splurging a ton of money on something they'll never wear


12. Laughing at other girls who take duck face selfies

Then doing it themselves on a night out

13. Falling for bad boys


14. Wearing ridiculous heels

15. Wanting a nice, subtle bronze glow

But ending up like this


16. Stressing out over what to wear

17. Packing too much into a small bag

18. Spending way too much money on a haircut & feeling incredibly guilty about it

But who cares, girls still rule...

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