What Her Texts Really Mean...

Ever wondered what the fuck your crush was on about in those last texts? Both women and men are mysteries alike, so here are the most common mystery messages and what they really mean.


...means Heyyyy, give me the D

Are you there?

... means answer your fucking phone now because I'm feeling desperate and needy.

What are you doing?


...means are you with any other girls?

*Winky Face*LOL

...means ask me out you silly fuck I'm obviously flirting with you


...means I have nothing else to say to you but I still want to keep the conversation going



...means if I am being majorly passive aggressive and not impressed

It's nearly the weekend, YAY!!

... means you still haven't asked me on a date and I am sending you this message to make that blatantly clear.

Sorry, I lost my phone

...means you can't be bothered to reply or that you're not interested.

Ooops wrong person sorry!

...means I texted you so now I'm on your mind and hopefully you won't ignore me

Do you like Breaking Bad?

... means I stalked you on Facebook and already know the answer to this question. 

Alex Langley
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Alex is a History of Art & Philosophy graduate from the illustrious Trinity College, which makes her a natural fit for College Times. She spends Monday to Friday writing smut and her weekends thinking deeply and History of Arting.

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