19 Signs That Sh*t Was About To Go Down In School

School is back! Which means one thing... Drama!

Has there ever been a single greater source of drama than school? Between the years of 4 and 18 your entire life was contained within the walls of your school. Your friends, your enemies and your future seemed to revolve around this one place, no wonder there was so much scope for conflict.

Once you leave school and get to college, you realise that it was all a bit silly. But at the time, oh boy, it was serious business.

1. Hearing the words ‘Ehh, I’m telling on you’

2. The entire class being sent outside

3. Being called to a special assembly after a pretty major incident

4. Someone getting caught passing a note

5. Getting ‘See me after class!!!’ on your homework

6. Hearing someone in the distance shout ‘Fight!’

7. Your teacher saying nothing for the first five minutes of a lesson

8. Then slowly getting angrier...

9. Until they explode in a burst of rage

10. Two former best friends getting in each other’s face

11. Someone’s phone going off in an exam

12. Someone swearing at a teacher

13. When someone got hurt playing British Bulldog after it was banned

14. When you got called out of your lesson to go to the Head Teacher

15. The teacher putting on the Sex Education video

16. And someone fainting

17. When rumours of a head lice outbreak circulate


18. When something was reported stolen and everyone's a suspect


19. When someone got caught smoking


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