What Your College Course Says About You

Going to college is a highlight of every student's life. Finishing school and officially becoming an "adult" is great, but the best thing is that now you actually get to CHOOSE what you want to study. There are many different paths you can take, each one telling a unique story and saying something about you and your personality.

Are you a science buff, music lover, advertising guru, arts student or something more? Here's what your college course says about you!

1. Mathematics/Accounting.

There's nothing to it - you're a numbers buff! In school, you always excelled in maths, and maybe even challenged your teacher and solved a few problems that they couldn't! Working with numbers is boring and extremely difficult for some people, but you just have a way with them. You don't find it laborious and actually like maths. A great career in teaching or accounting may be on the cards for you.

2. English/Journalism.

You're an English buff with a passion for writing and storytelling. Poor grammar and punctuation is a pet peeve of yours! You've always been able to write well and want to bury yourself further into this art form. You always have at least one book on the go! You always excelled at English in school and never saw it as a "class" you had to take - actually, you thoroughly enjoyed it!


3. Psychology.

You are both interested and amazed at how the human mind works. Psychiatry is something that has always grabbed your attention, and what a fantastic job to have, right? This picture has been painted in your head: Sitting in one of those chairs, legs crossed, with a pair of expensive, intellectual-looking glasses, a gold-plated pen poised to your lip as a patient (maybe reminiscent of Tony Soprano) lies back on a sofa and tells you their deepest, darkest secrets. Or maybe you're interested in the psychology behind sports? As well as being  a very interesting career, it pays really well! But there's a whole lot of hard work and studying until you can start practicing your profession!

4. History.

Storytelling, non-fiction films and books, as well as learning about the past are big passions of yours. In school, you were always glued to your history books in class and excelled at that subject. Writing also comes naturally to you. You are a big reader and always have a book on the go or your Kindle on hand. You're a great conversationalist and love to get involved in a productive debate or argument with your friends.


5. Music.

Music has always made sense to you, above most other things. For want of a better phrase, you could just "play." You play at least one musical instrument and cannot go anywhere without your ipod or mp3 player. Your home is stacked with albums, CDs and autobiographies from your favourite bands and musicians. You play in a band and are maybe thinking about teaching music somewhere down the line if your dreams of making it in the industry do not work out. You're a very creative person in most aspects of life and always land on your feet.

6. Marketing.

The thought of selling and marketing a cool new product appeals to you, and you want to explore the art behind marketing. You despise door-to-door salesmen like nothing else and have always told yourself you would die before you got into that. Perhaps you watched Don Draper and the 1950s advertising industry in "Mad Men"  and instantly fell in love with the industry? If you're a guy, you know that marketing is mostly filled with girls so that's always nice! Marketing can bring you into a wide array of jobs and is always a solid choice.


7. Philosophy.

You're an analytical thinker and a problem solver. Thinking about the important questions about religion, life and society is what make you tick. You are very intellectual, and always look for the bigger picture, frequently thinking outside the box. Once you set your mind to something you always do it. You don't have difficulty understanding many theories or concepts and are gifted at explaining them or teaching others.

8. Medicine.

From the get go, you always knew you wanted to study medicine and perhaps become a doctor. You're an extremely hard worker and a real go-getter. You know what you want and will stop at nothing until you get it. Grey's Anatomy is likely to be one of your favourite TV shows!


9. Computer Science.

Computers have always "clicked" with you. The ECDL course was a piece of cake for you if you ever did it in school. You're likely to be a big gamer. Software development and new-age music really appeals to you and you're fascinated by how modern technology works. Not a lot of people will fully understand what you do or study, but it's a really interesting area of study!

10. Law.

You love watching legal shows and anything to do with lawyers immediately seizes your attention. Legal jargon and legislation is like hieroglyphics to most, but not to you. You have a certain aptitude and interest in the law, and you know that there is hard work but big money involved in legal careers! If you were ever stopped by the police, you always know your rights. You have no fear of knuckling down and putting in some hard work to achieve what you want.


11. Arts.

Like most teenagers who finished school, you hadn't a clue what career path you wanted to pursue. An Arts degree is commonly chosen by students who aren't sure what they want to do. They say there's safety in numbers, but Arts degrees have the highest percentage of dropouts and that's down to students not fully understanding what the course entails. But a lot of Arts students do know what they're getting into - you could be a teacher in the making, but there's a long road ahead before you are actually qualified to teach.

12. Event Management.

You're a party animal and have great taste in fashion and decor. You've only ever thought about a career in event management when one of your friends pointed it out to you. Throwing parties for a living? You have the perfect qualities to excel in this career if only you can reel yourself in from going out drinking too many nights! You envision yourself as being something like J-Lo in The Wedding Planner once you finish college and begin your career.


13. Engineering.

There are so many areas of engineering that you can go into, but you've known from an early age that you would like to pursue a career in this sector. You're not afraid of a hard day's work and you're very good with your hands. You have no problems around fuse boards, sockets, light bulbs and know how to repair most problems with your car. You've an analytical mind and engineering has always made sense to you more than others.

14. Primary Education.

Working with kids both captures your attention and provides you with a sense of fulfillment. It's what makes you happy. Also, you love the idea of getting paid while having your summers off! You're an intelligent person and the role of teaching comes naturally to you. You are one of the fatherly or motherly characters in your group of friends. You're mature when you have to be, but you also know how to go out and show others a good time!


15. Drama.

Public speaking, storytelling, and standing on a stage in front of your peers never once frightened you.You love being the centre of attention, but not in an overwhelming or selfish manner. You're very charismatic and people find it very easy to talk to you. You were simply born to be on the stage! You're a great conversationalist and people always enjoy your company.

16. Culinary Arts.

Simply put, you're a massive foodie! Maybe Adam Richman from Man V Food is your hero, or maybe it's Gordon Ramsey? You love to cook, and have loved it from an early age. You enjoy a nice glass of red wine and a medium-rare steak. You'll have a much easier route to your future partner, as the key to everyone's heart is through their stomach!


17. Hospitality Management.

You're really good with people and realise the luxuries that can be made available to you in the service and hospitality industry, with some hard work and dedication, as well as those all-important contacts! You enjoy living the high life and make no mistake about telling your friends and family about it. Great things lie ahead for you if you are willing to put in the work!

18. Physiotherapy.

You're a sports nut! You most likely play on a sports team or two and your family is very outdoorsy and active! You like taking care of yourself and your body, eat really healthy and a job in the sports industry is your ideal job - they say you should do what you're good at! It may not be the best paid job around, but if you're doing what you love on a daily basis, what more can you want?


19. Social Science.

Perhaps a good job in the civil service awaits you? You are interested in how different sectors of society and organisations in society work. You are a very giving and somewhat selfless person - you may have done some voluntary work, and you always strive to better yourself. You're a very likeable character who would go out of your way to help a friend.

20. Architecture.

You've always been a very creative and artistic person. From doodling in school when you were young to drawing more superior sketches and objects when you grew older. You love to travel and soak up foreign cities. Architecture is an art form and the highest achievement an architecture can have is to add their own building to a city's skyline. You're very goal-orientated and are no stranger to a good night out!


21. Science.

Biology, physics, chemistry? Science always fascinated you in school and you strove to do well in your favourite subjects. You love learning about what the world is made up of and how the world works. You always look for the logical or "scientific" solution in any given problem. Proofs is what you're about! You're a clever and witty person who always excels at anything you put your mind too!

22. Economics.

Numbers, markets, business and the economy. A minority of people actually known and understand what's going on in the economy and the banks, outside of what they read in the papers. You understand what's going on and have an interest in it too! You can earn a pretty decent salary with a job in your field. You see yourself as the next David McWilliams!

Ian Smith
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Ian is a contributing writer for CollegeTimes. He is currently partying his ass off for the Summer having spent the past 7 years at various colleges across the globe. While by no means an athlete, he considers himself a world class darts player... If you tweet him he will not respond.

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