Top 20 Festival Essentials For Girls

Despite Oxegen not being on this year, there's still plenty of festivals to go to. Whether it's Electric Picnic, or you're lucky enough to go to Creamfields, there's a list of essentials everyone needs to bring along. If it's your first time going to a festival, you're not going to know exactly what you need to bring, despite all the horror stories. I've given 20 essentials that should inside everyone's ruck sack.

1. Baby wipes/ toilet paper

This is probably the most important thing to bring! If you're a hygiene freak like me, I don't think you'd fancy taking a 'shower' in those portaloos. Covered in sh*t, piss, and puke, they're not really a place you'd like to ehh freshen up. Toilet paper helps every girl in their bid to hide and squat without having to drip dry. Baby wipes are an essential for freshening up and will be your much needed substitute for showers for three days! pee-yeww!

2. Deodorant

This is quiet obvious for anyone who believes in personal hygiene (yes ,some people actually don' all!) You can get travel pack ones that will fit into your pocket to keep you smelling wonderful and fruity throughout the day!


3. Dry shampoo

What an amazing invention. Most girls get about two days out of their luscious locks, but you don't want to be going around come Sunday with a frying pans worth of grease on your head. It's bad enough we have to go three days without our GHD! #girlproblems

This product will be a life saver.. trust me!

4. Tooth brush

Again, seems obvious right? but how many times have you went to a sleepover and actually BROUGHT your own toothbrush! It's an easy thing to forget, but an essential thing to have at a festival. Especially when you wake up the morning after, with your mouth tasting like an armpit. Not so classy if you've a randomer passed out beside you.. they will be lookin' for a kiss goodbye!


5.Tooth paste

You might think you're very clever actually bringing a tooth brush, but what use is that without tooth paste? It saves you from asking some random person at the sink for a squeeze! Even if you and your mates shared the one tube, every little helps! Drink leaves a nasty tasting breath, so at least you'll be feeling minty fresh! (I am aware I sound like someone on a toothpaste advert)

6. Disposable Razor

If you've ridiculously rapid hair growth like me, you're arm pits will be silky smooth for a good 24 hours but after that they're poppin' up everywhere! Good luck trying to pull a lad raving to David Guetta with hairy pits and greasy hair #notsoattractive


7. Sun Cream

Yes, I know this is Ireland... but it's still a must have, especially for our pale Irish skin! If you get really lucky, the sun will be shining while the music is playing, and it's important not to get burnt. Not just for your health, but no one likes walking around like a crispy tomato! Kind of awkward when you take off your wellies and are snow white from the knee down. Like a life sized thermometer you'll be!

8. Rain gear

And the complete opposite, because it is Ireland after all. Prepare for the worst it will more than likely pour out of the heavens, your ma' is right! Buy a light waterproof jacket in Penneys or Dunnes, and even a waterproof pants. It wouldn't be half awkward trying to peel off a pair of soaking wet jeans if you're about to get the ride!


9. Wellies

Yes this is clearly the most obvious thing on the list after you're feckin' tent but you'd be surprised the amount of people I see walking around in runners and sandals. #craycray If it's anything like Punchestown, no matter what the weather it'll be a giant mud pit! Penneys sell loads of cute wellies this time of year so rock them with some cute shorts and flowers in your hair.. you go glen coco!

10. Knee high socks

Wellies are useless without knee high socks, don't make the same mistake I did, because wearing wellies against your bare legs will cut the absolute shite out of you! You might think wearing fluffy socks is clever, but trust me keeping the whole leg dry and warm is a much better option. Plus they look cute with shorts and a tee #winning


11.Extra Underwear

Just in case! Bring enough for the weekend and an extra pair or two, accidents happen you know! Especially if you're so out of it you have no clue what's going on and the line for the toilet is longer than the queue for the dole in the post office. Feck it! You're only young once.

12. Sleeping bag

Sleeping in a warm hoody just doesn't suffice for a hard, cold, wet, miserable bed. Even if it takes up a lot of room and is difficult to carry, a sleeping bag is a must have for camping. Make sure it zips up to keep you some bit warm throughout the night. If you're feeling sneaky, it might have room for two!


13. Pillow

You will thank yourself if you remember to bring a pillow. Trying to put together a make shift pillow from a pile of used clothes just isn't the same. You need some bit of sleep to function, (and party party) so make it a good one!

14. Sun glasses

I shouldn't really have to explain this one! But they will come in handy, especially trying to spot the likes of Calvin Harris on stage with the sun in your eyes. Or you know.. spottin' the talent on the shllyyyyy.


15. Make-up essentials

By day two, you won't care less what you look like. But every girl has her make-up must haves! We want to pack light so just bring what you need. A bit of lip balm and your basic concealer, sorted! Maybe some moisturizer too... and some mascara.. can't forget the eyebrow kit - Christ!

16. Condoms

Whether you're a boy or girl, it's always good to come prepared (no pun intended). Most festivals hand some out for free but if you're kinky out, one might not be enough! Never have sex without a condom it's too risky for a million reasons. Don't be embarrassed that you have one and he doesn't, it's better to be safe than sorry.


17. Tampons

You can never be too prepared for your period, it might come out of the blue and that could be really embarrassing and awkward! It's always good to have some to spare anyway, you might be a life saver for some poor girl in the toilet cubicle! #FriendsForLife

18. Drink

Of course! brings loads of it, you can never have too much drink! If you're camping, you'll need a three day supply because lets face it, €7.50 for a drink inside is a feckin' joke! Be clever, bring a 2 liter plastic bottle full of drink because you won't be allowed bring in glass bottles. Bring enough to have the craic but always drink responsibly. No one wants to wake up and find a photo of themselves trending on Twitter...

19. Photo I.D

You will be stopped for I.D at some stage whether it's on arrival or getting a pint. I know it can be annoying especially if you're like 25 and have to get other people to buy you drink because you've no I.D. I've seen kids as young as fifteen at festivals so I guess it's only fair. Saying you've two kids at home doesn't exactly qualify for proof of age now a days.

20. Emergency Money

No this does not mean.. I've drank too much and need more drink, money! But it's always better to have more rather than less, especially if something happens. Imagine missing your bus home because you were passed out in a field in nothing but your jocks and socks. No way home, and no money #fecked You'll never know how much things cost too, festivals are a money racket so don't faint when he says your garlic cheese chip and chicken burger costs €11. Just be prepared for all types of emergencies!

Jennifer Purcell
Article written by
Journalism and New Media student in The University of Limerick, come follow me on Twitter for all the banter!

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