2016: A Great Year In Memes

2016: A Great Year In Memes

2016 has been a crap year.

From pretty much every celebrity who was cool dying, to Trump becoming president – it was pretty bleak. One aspect that wasn't bleak however was the year in memes.

The internet is literally covered in memes these days, taking the piss out of anything and everything. There comes a time when a meme has a fleeting moment and for a few days is the star of the internet. We wanted to summarise 2016 in all its meme-glory by bringing you through the memes that went viral in 2016.

1. The Kermit meme

2. 2016 memes


3. Arthur's fist

4. Harambe

RIP to the greatest.


5. Obama and Biden

6. Skai Jackson

7. Gavin


8. Honey Bun Baby


9. 'Rose are red...'

10. The confused guy


11. Bad luck Brian


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Ciara Finnegan

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