21 Times 'Friends' Summed Up Your College Life

There's a reason that Friends is included in almost every conversation ever. If you're having an awkward encounter with somebody, the perfect filler in conversation is "This is like that time in friends when...." and suddenly you're bonding with them as if you've been friends for years. Maybe that's why they called it Friends... Here are 21 times that Friends summed up your life in college.

1. When chicken nuggets are your family.

2. When single you sometimes gets angry.

3. When you're proud of your mate when they pull.


4. When you thought you could never have a worse hangover.

5. When you get rejected yet AGAIN by the same boy.

6. When your roommates eat that chocolate you've been looking forward to all day.


7. When your roommates catch you eating their food.

8. When you tried out a funky new hairstyle... Never again.

9. When you're looking around your friend group like...


10. When you're too sober at predrinks.

11. When you have to get up on cold winter mornings for those 9am lectures.

12. When you have absolutely no filter in what you say. Ever.


13. When you're about to go on a Tinder date with a ride.

14. When you're trying to make big life decisions.

15. When your roommates walk in on you dancing to Justin Bieber.


16. When the delivery man forgets your garlic sauce.

17. When you can hear people getting it on in the next room.

18. You're in charge of the tunes at predrinks, and you're killing it.


19. When your job is embarrassing, but you need the money.

2o. When you spend way too much money on sh*t you really don't need.

21. Those nights when you're feeling extra loose and free.

Áine O'Donnell

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