21 Tiny Everyday Things That Are Incredibly Annoying

Anyone who knows me knows I hate basically everything in the world. So many little things piss me off so much, it's actually quite hard to function on a day-to-day basis. Here are 21 small things that are actually incredibly annoying.

1. People Who Don't Cover Their Mouth When They Cough

2. Finding Empty Milk Cartons In The Fridge


3. When Your Beer Is Ever So Slightly Warm

4. People Who Talk Extremely Loudly On Their Phones On Public Transport

5. People Who Insist On Walking Slowly In Front Of You


6. Sticky Things

7. Slow Wi-Fi


8. People Who Burp

9. People Who Can't Use Cutlery


10. Dropping Stuff On A White T-Shirt

11. Having A Hangnail


12. Shower Water Going Cold

13. Missing A Bus/Train By Seconds


14. When An Eraser Makes A Mess Instead Of Erasing

15. People Who Litter


16. When One Lock Of Hair Sabotages Your Good Hair Day

17. Leaving Hair In The Shower

18. Queue Skippers


19. Crisps That Are Bags Of Air

20. People Who Open Things Upside Down (Crisps, Cereal)

21. When Butter Destroys Bread Instead Of Cooperating Like An Obedient Spread


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James Grey
Article written by
Having travelled much of the world and seen what it has to offer James has decided that his love of gifs and casual drinking must take precedence. As the undisputed yet unofficial champion of both Pong and Kings, he hopes to take his talents to the next stage and compete internationally.

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