22 Things You Gotta Know About Vaping

So vaping has become pretty popular lately. For whatever reason there's a stigma surrounding it even though it's just a slightly healthier version of smoking. Before you start to vape or make the transition, there's a few questions you need to ask yourself, to see if vaping is really your best smoking option.


1. Vaping is cheaper.

You get to get your nicotine fix and you don't have to spend crazy amounts of money every other day!

2. The full effects aren't known.

Some reports say it's better than cigarettes, some say it's even more healthy, sometimes they blow up in peoples faces. Only time will tell the full effects.



3. You can do smoke tricks.

I mean, I guess someone will be impressed by them?

4. You'll look like a dickhead.

There's no two ways about it.



5. Some places still let you smoke inside.

For the person that can't sit through a full meal without needing to smoke!

6. People will worry what went wrong in your life.

Vaping? That guy's made some horrible choices...



7. You can discreetly smoke.

Blaze it.


8. You'll probably get even more addicted.

When you can smoke whenever, wherever you want you'll never have to fight off cravings.



9. If necessary, you can fill a room with smoke.

Speedy getaway maybe?

10. No one will ever respect you again.

Never. It's over. You're done.



11. It's all you'll ever talk about.

Seriously, it's all vapists care about. Just look up vaping forums.




12. They all look stupid as hell.

You got the fake cigarette ones, the long thin pens, those ridiculously thick ones. Doesn't matter they all still look like R2D2's dick.

13. You won't smell like shitty stale smoke.

The one drawback of regular smoking.



14. You won't realize you're acting like an asshole.

Again, vaping forums can elaborate.


15. It's apparently healthier.

For the person that wants to smoke but not die. Reasonable thing to ask in my opinion.



16. Smokers will always ask you why you chose to vape.

Why would you do this?

17. It's a conversation starter.

If you're having a tough time talking to someone just pop the ol' vaporizer out. They'll be putty in your hands.



18. There are specialty shops for all your vaping needs.

A weirdly high amount of them actually...


19. You can get a bunch of different flavours.

The flavours is actually a pretty cool aspect of vaping.



20. But they never fucking taste like what they're supposed to.

Is this what you think strawberries taste like? Have you ever tasted a strawberry?

21. People are always gonna ask to try your vaporizer.

Even though they know it doesn't taste like what it's supposed to. Maybe they just want to feel the outrage of it not being the right flavour.



22. You can laugh at them when they can't handle the strength of it.

Those things are fucking strong though.

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