24 Things You Need To Stop Doing On Public Transport

As a member of the population who gets the bus twice a day, I have seen many strange things in my time. But it is the semi-normal faux pas people consistently do that is just not okay. Sometimes it can be a genuine mistake, other times it can be downright rude. Either or we need to sharpen up our Bus, Luas and Dart etiquette not only for our own self pride but for those fellow passengers around us. This list may point out your flaws or simply ensure you that you are the greatest transport taker of them all. Here are the 25 Things You Need To Stop Doing On Public Transport.

1) Taking Selfies

It happens more often than not and unless you are on the back of the bus, and absolutely no one can see what you are doing, it is not good bus etiquette. It looks vain, odd and quite unsettling. Just wait until you are in the privacy of your own home.

2) Fighting with someone

Having a fight with someone on the bus or having a very public fight on the phone is unacceptable. Yes the other passengers may enjoy the drama but you will look pathetic and stupid. This is not the place for this carry on.


3) Talking Loudly

Talking loudly, potentially with an obnoxious accent, on the phone or to someone on the bus is a source of humor for many passengers. They may mock you and roll their eyes at the fact that "it is so annoying that you can't decide which 21st to go to". Just don't scream or screech, talking at a normal level is much more appreciated.

4) Not giving up your seat for a pregnant lady or elderly person

It is common courtesy to give up your seat on the bus for someone who is pregnant or elderly. Dagers will fly in your direction if you just sit there and do nothing. Be polite. Men out there, it is not necessary to give up your seat for a hot women, but that's up to you really.


5) Sitting beside someone when there are loads of seats free

I really don't understand this. Why would you want to sit awkwardly beside a random person you don't know when you could sit by yourself. The mind boggles and this never makes sense.

6) Hogging a seat

Putting your bag on the outside seat when there is people standing and looking for seats is so rude. You may not realize (yes you do) but it isn't proper public transport decorum. Let someone sit beside you, you aren't the Queen for God's sake.


7) Picking your nose

You know sometimes when you forget where you are and then you suddenly realize you are on public transport and picking your nose? Well this is very awkward and very embarrassing.

8) Fart


There's a lot of people. Those smells travel fast. You may find it hilarious or absolutely mortifying but no one else will be amused.

9) Shake umbrella

It's raining outside and it has been a tough walk to and wait at the bus stop. You get on the bus and shake your umbrella vigorously. What you are forgetting is you have just soaked a lot of passengers and they are not happy.


10) Drink alcohol

Let's face it, were not 15 anymore getting the bus to Wesley or any other kids disco. It is not acceptable to get pissed on the bus. No matter how much you want to.

11) Smoking


Again, you are not underage getting the bus to a disco. Stop this profanity.

12) Biting Nails

It may seem normal to you but others really don't want to hear the sound of you chomping on your nails and then spitting them out. It is not a comfortable sight to see.


13) Gettin' Down

If you kiss or are all over some poor defenceless soul or indeed your other half on public transport, you should be shot really. Nobody, and I repeat nobody, wants to see that on their commute home from work.

14) Staring


There is no need to stare at someone or be stared at. We are all minding are own business heading into work or going  home, there is no need to judge anyone.

15) Eating

A bag of crisps and can of Coke would be fine but taking out that stinking curry that has been in your bag since lunch is not. Nobody wants to smell it or see you eat it.

16) Blaring Music


Just because your earphones are in does not mean the whole bus can't hear your blasting music. Put it at a reasonable volume and stop bothering your fellow public transport takers.

17) Defecating

If you piss on this lose all dignity and friends. No exceptions.



18) Blocking the walking area

It's awkward...someone needs to get by're in the way. Just don't stand in the center of the aisle unless it is absolutely necessary.

19) Being visibly angry


No one on the bus is your friend. Nobody cares about your problems. So, stop huffing and puffing and showing everyone your pissed off.

20) Being nosy

Reading peoples texts, magazines or kindles over their shoulders is beyond creepy. And, if they catch you, an awkward laugh and smile will be your only response.


21) Bikes

Yes, your eyes do not deceive you. I was on the bus last week and a man came on with a folded bike. If this is a new thing allowed on buses there will be no room for anything or anyone.

22) Walking on before people get off

It can be a mistake at times, and once you do so the bus driver will tell you where to go. It is nothing to be ashamed of as anyone can make this mistake at a 6 o'clock rush hour. Just remember to wait.


23) Falling asleep

It is awful that you are this tired but try to stay awake. When you wake up a half an hour from your stop it'll be a long walk home.

24) Falling

We all do it. And, every morning when the bus is packed and I fall flying into someone, I feel ashamed, embarrassed and I apologize profusely. It's not fun and I wish there was a way we could prevent it.


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