25 Things Only Little Sisters Understand

The first to go to bed, but the last to get in trouble. The last to get the joke, but the first to push back bedtime. There are some things unique only to little sisters, and we don't just mean spying on you siblings' hot friends...

Their friends = your friends

When you were little, your sister's cool friends loved to look after you (while she sulked and told them to put you down) which meant they were your best friends too. Your brother's pals ignored you, but your friends didn't need to know that part...

Because there was nothing cooler than knowing the older kids at school

Your brother's best friend finally said hi. Cue mass hysteria and 100 cool points.


You copied absolutely everything your older siblings did

And spied on them at every possible opportunity

But when things went wrong, it was automatically their fault


Yup, they're definitely old enough to know better.

Which made them resent you juuust a little

But big projects required teaming up to become the ultimate partners in crime

The campaign for later bed times worked better as a duo. And there was no way you were reaching that biscuit tin on your own...


You started arguments constantly, but they were forgotten in five minutes

After all, you needed your sister to finish choreographing that dance routine

And your brother to explain why that rude joke on TV was so funny


When you turned 10 your big sister became your personal stylist

That's why you NEVER got the first choice of Spice Girl

Where your sis kept her diary was shrouded in secret. At least, she thought it was


You'd think someone might change their password once every ten years...

Blackmail was the strongest weapon in your arsenal

Oh, you *don't* want mum to know you're going to Pizza Hut with Emma from 7B on Saturday? Better be the dad in my Christmas play, then...

Staying up as late as them: BEST FEELING EVER


Seeing your siblings in the playground was *the* most mortifying experience

'Go AWAYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY!' Your sister's favourite phrase circa 2002.

Apart from when you saw your big brother in da club

And he had to put you in a taxi home. Oh, the shame.


You've turned borrowing (read: stealing) into an artform

It almost makes up for being known as 'so-and-so's little sister'

Which meant you started school (and life in general) with a ready-made reputation


But gained access to a ready-made friendship group

With plenty of hot guys attached...

Which brings us to your sister's fiercely protective (read: jealous) streak

And your brother's desire for you not to leave the house between ages 15-21.


But you know your siblings are just looking out for you

They've got you out of more scrapes than you can remember

And really, you wouldn't have it any other way

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