25 Things That Just Ruined Your Day

Life is hard. We know this. Sure we're lucky to be alive, and there's lots of nice things to be thankful for, like bagels and baby sloths. But, as we all know, the world is also full of bad things, like wars and poverty and Katie Hopkins and people generally being horrible to one another.

1. You just stubbed your toe

2. There are crumbs in your keyboard

3. Your iPod keeps playing songs you don't like

Enough with the Noughties garage, goddamnit.

4. The cinema is making you buy 3D glasses

5. And you have five pairs at home

6. Your friends are using your Netflix account meaning you can't watch anything

7. And that streaming site won't buffer

8. Also: pop-ups

9. Your pen refuses to write on the ONE surface you need it to

10. You didn't put enough water in the kettle

11. You dropped something in the car and it has disappeared forever

Did it fall into a WORMHOLE?

12. You were fooled by an internet hoax

13. There isn't quite enough milk for a bowl of cereal

14. There's shell in the egg you just broke

15. You went to the shop and forgot to buy the one thing you went for

16. You just dropped your spoon in your soup

17. Somebody else offered the pregnant woman their seat and now you look like a terrible person

18. You picked the slow queue

19. You wrote an AWESOME tweet and had to delete it because of a typo

20. You accidentally Favorited something


21. A baby just caught sight of you and started crying

22. The lid on your coffee cup is incorrectly sized

23. You can't find the end of the sellotape

24. You forgot your student card


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