26 Top Tips For Inter-railing This Summer

Inter-railing is a fantastic holiday and anyway with the opportunity to go on such a trip this summer would do well to adhere to some of my tips! Regardless of how you plan your trip or whatnot I'm sure you'll have a great spiritual and emotional experience along the way and come back to Ireland a changed and courteous person.. or not!

1. Ignore a lot of online advice (Besides mine)
A quick read online suggests cramped hostels, compasses and maps! Taking the hit by turning on your data roaming for maps and directions will not be too costly and will save a lot of hassle. There is no need to learn a 'few phrases of the native languages' either. Even a European with poor English will be able to understand you such is the difference in lingual ability. Who is going to whip out a compass...

2. Don't do it on a budget
If you can avoid doing it on a budget do. Interrailing is an expensive holiday regardless so don't overspend but do treat yourself too.

3.Bring Handcuffs
There is probably 'that person' in your group who's alter ego will come to the forefront and go 'smashy smashy'. Handcuff him/her, handcuff them quick! I would suggest on the plane...


4.Treat yourself to VDL for the first week
If taking aboard tip no.2 get the group a nice villa in Vale do Lobo for the week and start the holiday off in style. Rose by the pool during the day and Praca at night is a recipe for disaster/bedlam/brilliant week. Then aboard a cheap flight from Faro to Brussels and on with the rest of inter railing.

5. Book carriages and beds
Especially for long train trips, doesn't cost much extra and is a lifesaver on busy routes.

6. Stay in Hostel O'let Prague
This is the point where you can take the handcuffs of that friend for there is no rules in this hostel. Pre drinks in these tiny seats and tables as the hostel is a primary school! Drink sold at reception 24/7.


7. Wear a fanny pack
It's up to you... Lose your v-plates or lose your money/cards/everything.

8.Resist the Ios Temptation
I went Ios for a week at the end and wish I hadn't and spent the extra money in Pag.

9.Go to Pag!
Although a flight and a long bus out of the way, Pag is an absolute must. Stay as close to Zrce beach as possible. Be prepared for 25 euro drinks in the nightclubs so go hard for predrinks! All day and night partys. Zrce beach puts Ios' 'Farout' to shame.


10. Have a collateral fund

Just do.

11. Apps
Download city apps for dining hints and sites to see! Also the Hostel App is easy to use and convenient.

12. Go site seeing
You'll regret if you don't and there is so much to see!


13. Go to the Berlin Stadium
If you're running on the pitch, do it at the end, you'll be kicked out right away even if you think no one is around. So go for a swim in the Olympic pool,with Olympic diving boards and see all the facilities before running on the pitch!

14. Don't go to the Berlin Wall
People told me this before I went interrailing and I ignored them so you'll probably ignore me. It's a wall.. that is literally it. I have one in my garden, well its a fence actually.

15. Take lots and lots of photos


Never too many, it's the youngest you'll ever be. Document it.

16. Don't eat anywhere where there is pictures on the menu
No explanation needed here.

17. Go Canyoning
Lake Bled in Slovenia is a wonderful break from the hustle and bustle of cities and canyoning is a must. It's 50 euro but one of the best days out. You go up through the mountains jumping out of waterfall after waterfall and is just brilliant fun!

Lake Bled


18. Don't be ashamed relieve yourself in the bed... by accident.
Everyone know's this is no.1 on the inter-railing bucket list.


19.You don't necessarily need to book ahead
Although people say to book ahead sometimes it's not necessary. We stayed in a lovely Berlin hotel for half the price as it was a last minute deal. Great location and great hotel. Was a treat in a long holiday!



20. Don't look into your route that much
It's very flexible and if you don't like a place move on and spend the day somewhere else!

21. Having said that, try head Berlin for the weekend!
And head to 'The Weekend' nightclub!


22. Do the Prague 'drunk monkey' pub crawl
20 euro and there is no limit to what you can consume. My handcuffed friend (unhand cuffed for Prague remember) and I were like kids in a playground and didn't make it beyond the first pub so do pace yourself to some degree.



23. Power through

Each city has a unique night life to the others so power through any hangover and keep going! Do the Irish name proud and make sure not to take nights off!



24. Do not share a room with randomers
I had the unfortunate experience of witnessing the shadow and graphic sounds of felatio performed by a random girl on a random guy. Rancid.


25.Public Transport

Generally speaking we didn't pay for much public transport. We paid in Berlin because it is strict and organised. There is no apparent need to pay in Prague! I warn you to pay in Poland as not only are there ticket inspectors but also con-men! We were caught in Poland by a man wearing our school jacket...! Try to buy day passes when you know you will be visiting a lot of sights. Berlin and Amsterdam both have very efficient and reasonable transport systems.

26. Go Buckdaft

Most importantly, leave any dignity at home in Dublin and come home with some priceless stories!

NB.. Cannot stress enough to handcuff that guy/girl! Let them off every once in a while though!

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