27 Embarrassing Things Everyone Does On Their Own

Human beings are essentially all the same. We all have the same bodily functions, we all have our own little quirks and oddities, we all know we all have them, yet we'd sooner die than share them with the public. We're a weird bunch.

That said, there are some things that really only make sense when you do them alone. They're like treats, just for you, made all the more special because no one else is taking part in them. Maybe some things are best kept secret, even if everyone else is definitely doing them too.

1. Staying in your underwear for as long as humanly possible

2. Picking things up with your toes rather than bending down like a peasant

3. Staring at yourself in the mirror admiring your outrageous good looks

4. Then proceeding to make really ugly faces for a bit of contrast

5. Singing at the top of your lungs

6. Getting overly emotional at really crap telly

7. Berating yourself out loud for some stupid thing you did

8. Taking hundreds of selfies for no particular reason

9. Practising being interviewed for when you’re famous

10. Trying to speak in a foreign accent just to see what you sound like

11. Pretending you won arguments that you actually lost in real life

12. Trying your hardest to move objects with your mind

13. Squawking, squeaking, honking; making all manner of strange noises

14. Hairdryer in the face on full blast

15. Scratching yourself in places you probably wouldn't attempt in public

16. Farting without a hint of shame

17. Seeing how much food you can fit in your mouth

18. Casting Harry Potter spells in the hope they’ll work this time

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19. Imagining performing in front of a huge crowd

20. Sniffing your finger after smelling something bad

21. Squeezing black heads


22. Make the water soar out of your fingertips in the shower

23. Run up the stairs like a four legged animal

24. Listen to a song walking down the street and imagine yourself in the music video


25. Verbally assault inanimate objects

26. If you don’t want to wash your hands, you run the water just in case someone is listening

27. Flicking/eating your snots

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