31 Things You Have To Do Before You Graduate

There are many things a college student has to experience before they graduate, from streaking to going on a blind date. If you have done this whole list already well then you should be very pleased with yourself. If not, get going, depending on how long you have left of your glory years. So, whether you have been too composed or too outrageous, this list will guide your way through the events of the next few years. Remember, college is the best time of your life, so make the most of it.

1) Go To A Festival

Whether it be Electric Picnic, Longitude, Benicassim or Tomorrowland, you have to go to a festival at least once in your life. And UCD and Trinity Ball do not count. Once, you leave college you could be in a full time job or doing a masters so spend your summers wisely and go to a festival.

2) Take a random elective/class that has nothing to do with your course

College is a time to experiment, so take up a Massage elective or else find the easiest one going. College is hard enough without a hard elective added to the list.


3) Watch every season of a show online in one go

Don't feel one bit ashamed, you deserve this. Cancel all plans you have that day and sit directly in front of your laptop and don't move an inch.

4) Get every student discount physically possible

Topshop, Asos, bus fare and 2 for 1 burgers. Do everything in your power to get that student discount. My student card has no end date on it so I will be using it after college for as long as possible.


5) Eat constantly on a hangover

Do. Not. Stop. Eating. Your young and free and nobody can stop you.

6) Go to an exotic island with your friends and go on the absolute piss

Ibiza, Magaluf, Ios...wherever you want really.


7) Stay in bed all day and justify it to the ground

8) Go to the gym for the whole of January and May and never go again

9) Pull as many all nighter's as possible that have absolutely nothing to do with studying

Three words: Yes. You. Can


10) Rap...just rap

Sure, we all love it when we know all the words to a song. So, what's more impressive than knowing all the words to rap song? Nothing. Learn it and shock your friends with your talents at pre drinks. The envy will overtake all in sight.

11) Study abroad if possible

If you can study abroad, do it. It is essentially a year of partying in a country far from your own. Yes, you have to do some work, but it's a hell of a lot better than being at home.


12) Go out more during the week than at the weekend

This is the only time in your life where you can go out as much as possible during the week and use the weekend for relaxation. So use this time wisely.

13) Sneak into college accommodation

It may be hard or it may be easy, but the thrill will excite you more than a puppy on it's first walk. If you can master this, you can master anything.


14) Play beer pong

It's fun, it's educational and you get ridiculously drunk. If you haven't done it already, go do it now.

15) Streak

It could be among friends, for a dare or in a very public place. It will be embarrassing or it will be phenomenal. Is this a risk you are willing to take?


16) Sit through a lecture hungover

Preferably wearing sunglasses. Even though you feel so s**t right now, think of how fantastic you will feel when you crawl back into bed knowing you made it to that lecture.

17) Go to a random lecture

You're bored, no one is around, you're curious, there is only one thing to do: go to a random lecture. Warning: if you get asked a question simply stand up and walk out.


18) Eat alone

This may seem bizzare, but, if you are man enough to eat lunch by yourself, you have achieved ultimate greatness. Be proud!

19) Do the walk of shame through your college campus


You may feel like a homeless man walking through Arnotts, but just remember you have accomplished number 19 on our list. A massive congratulations from all.

20) Do the walk of shame on the dual carriageway

You may get a beep, you may get a "you whore" from a moving vehicle. But at least you are demonstrating that you had a good night.

21) Stay friends with at least one random person you met in a tutorial


That random person you clung onto in that group tutorial will be a friend for life. Plus it is always good to have someone outside your main group of friends.

22) Stay for at least one lecture fight

There is always that time in a smaller lecture or tutorial when a debate breaks out. It could be regarding feminism, Irish drinking or animal rights, either or it is going to get messy. If you don't have to rush to another class, sit back, relax and enjoy the show.

23) Skip a lecture for no reason at all


You're not late. You're not sick. You're in college and do you know what, you just couldn't be bothered. So, off you go with a big dirty grin on your face, feeling rebellious and the King of the world. Warning: you may feel extremely guilty later on.

24) Go to a ball

Whether it be UCD ball, Trinity ball or your course ball, it will still be one of the best nights. You start drinking early and continue into the wee hours of the morning. You either get dressed up or wear festival gear. This will be a night you will cherish.

25) Go on a blind date


It could be so fun or it could be an utter disaster, but this must be done. Get your friend to set you up, and you never know it could be the man or woman of your dreams or of your nightmares.

26) Have a friend with benefits

This is a tricky one, but if you successfully bag a friend with benefits even just for a month or so, you will be a happy camper. This I guarantee you. Note: not all friends with benefits will look like Justin Timberlake and Mila Kunis.

26) Go on a random night out


I'm not talking a different venue. I'm talking a completely random night with no set plan or location. Just see where you end up.

27) Get with a foreign student

They have come over to your college for the year and if they catch your eye, why not. If it ends in disaster, they are going home in a year and never to be seen again.

28) Do a beer bong


Just do it. It's fun and you will get drunk very very fast. That's all a college student needs really.

29) Live on Koka noodles for a week

They are delicious and cheap and a student's dream, well not really. But, they will get you through a whole week of dinners with no hassle or cooking required. Just don't use them as inspiration for your next hair style.

30) Go to a party with a free bar

This is the dream in college. To go to a party with a free bar is like going on holidays with an unlimited credit card. These parties are gold dust, so, make sure you know when one is coming up to secure the invite.

31) Go to a rave

Whether it be down the country, in a barn or in an abandoned warehouse, you have to go to one. And, make it a proper one, not a few glow sticks in a dark room.

Lauren Rol
Article written by
Lauren Rol: A UCD graduate who spends most of her time watching the Soaps. A devout fan of Chinese food and a French Bulldog obsessive.

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