40-Year-Old Fridget Still Waiting For 'Mr Right'

40-Year-Old Fridget Still Waiting For 'Mr Right'

40-year-old Mary Lynch is still hoping on hope that she will eventually meet the man of her dreams before she takes the ultimate step and loses her frigidity.

The Wicklow woman spoke to College Times about her trouble finding a man that is up to her standards:

Look, I've tried all the social outlets, Tinder, Bumble, Elite Singles, Okcupid. You name it I've tried it. They're all full of creeps. If you don't give them a kiss on the first date then they lose all interest.

I'm just not that easy, there are some girls that are willing to 'put out' on the first date, but my mother raised me better than that. If he can't keep his tongue in his mouth, then I'm sorry that's a deal breaker.

The primary school teacher admitted that while it might be unrealistic that she will find the perfect man she hasn't thrown in the towel yet:

I've had boyfriends over the years but I've never felt that I could take the relationship to the next level. Tongue on tongue contact is a big step, and I know that people say you shouldn't build it up too much but it's such a big commitment. I haven't lost hope of finding the right man and when I do I'll spare no time in wearin' the absolute face off of him.


When asked if she had ever held hands with anyone before Lynch laughed:

Of course I have held hands, I'm not a total prude. Jesus, you make me sound like I'm Mother Teresa or something. I've held many a hand in my time, even in public. It's just when they start making eyes for my mouth I tense up and tell them where to go. Do you realise how many germs are exchanged when two people kiss? It's disgusting. If I'm going to pop my oral cherry I'm going to make sure it's with 'the one'.

Mary lives alone in her Arklow residence with five cats, two dogs, a parakeet, a rabbit and a guinea pig.

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