The 5 Best Spice-Bags In Ireland Have Been Revealed For 2018

The 5 Best Spice-Bags In Ireland Have Been Revealed For 2018

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How does one judge beauty? What objective parameters can be put on something that is inherently so subjective? To one person, the epitome of beauty may be the sight of a waterfall in a forest glade, animals gathered round its pool, lapping its waters with dappled sunlight playing through the branches; to another it may be a painting, each deft brushstroke exhibiting a mastery of form, creating a whole that transcends its composition; to another, beauty may be the image of Eamon Holmes sitting in a duvet-fort eating an industrial, three kilogramme tin of spam. All this is to say that judging beauty, and further still quantifying what beautiful thing is better than another is a tricky game, a tricky game that is currently being played by Just Eat with their National Takeaway Awards.

They have announced the top five destinations for a spice-bag in Ireland and are looking for you, the spice-bag consuming Irish pubic to weigh in with your vote. You are enfranchised, let not the lethargy that has seeped into contemporary democracy dull your enthusiasm for the power of voting, utilise your vote, exercise your right - for it is voting on this that matters most.

But how does one adjudge a spice-bag? Is it the quantity and quality of crisped chicken pieces that raises one-spice-bag above another? The eponymous spiciness that acts as the differentiator? The quality the chip; the crispiness of their exterior contrasted with the fluffiness of the potato within? Personally, I feel that not enough attention is paid to the other half of the favoured food-stuff's name, the other vital component; the bag. I couldn't give a damn what is contained within but what I value in a spice-bag is the quality of the bag of itself. The gram of paper, the texture, whether they also provide a plastic bag that then contains the paper-bag within in some glorious form of bag Inception - these are the things to be valued in a spice-bag.

It is unclear what metrics they have used to compile this list, personally I hope the quality of bag at least somewhat factored into their reckonings.

  • LY Garden, Tallaght
  • Bamboo Court, Letterkenny
  • Ken's Oriental, Athlone
  • Sunflower, Templeogue
  • SabaToGo, Rathmines

To vote on your favourite, head on over to the Just Eat website.

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Rory McNab

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