5 Most Predictable Costumes of Halloween 2013

Every Halloween there are certain costumes that you can predict to be very popular, usually characters from the block busters of that year, current events and topical issues. Last year, the ladies were catwoman and every lad sported a trench coat and bald cap in an attempt to look like bane . So here is a list of costumes we here at College Times are predicting to be executed in their thousands.

Ylvis - The Fox

Last year it was internet sensation Gangnam Style, this time it's the Norwegian duo Ylvis and their smash hit - The Fox that will be taken on. Simply put it's a fox onesie so you know it's going to be comfy and warm. All you're going to have to do is practive your best fox noises...  Tchoff Tchoff Thoffo Thoffo Tchoff...



Walter White / Any Breaking Bad Character

Another easy one, a yellow jumpsuit and some gas masks make the perfect breaking bad costumes. Obviously the big bag of blue meth is optional, depending on whether or not you want to be locked up. Obviously there is also the classic Heisenberg get up with the tacky green shirt and pork pie hat.


Miley Cyrus


This one is guaranteed to be all over the place. Whether it's pig tails and a foam finger or hanging around on a wrecking ball, finding someone to be the Robin Thicke to your VMA Miley Cyrus might be difficult, but if y0u do find someone, make sure they don't look too much like beetlejuice.

The Onesie


 For the last few years the onesie has been popular among, well pretty much everyone. Like a costume, it covers your body, they usually come in animal characters and you can pick one up in Penneys at the last minute, but that's why it's so good, last year I saw at least a dozen Spidermen running around.



Memes have become a part of everyday life. They rip the piss out of every current affair, help you to humiliate your friends and give you something to look at while you should be doing your thesis. We here at College Times have a sneaking suspicion there shall be hundreds of meme based costumes this year.

These costumes, we feel, will be done to death, so if you want to be original steer clear of these ideas. If you don’t want to be original, then you're in luck.

Happy Halloween!

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