7 Milkshakes You Need To Try In Dublin Before You Die

7 Milkshakes You Need To Try In Dublin Before You Die

Whether you need a glorious sweet fix or a hangover miracle, here are seven spots that will serve you the milkshake of your dreams:

1. Baskin & Rubins, Parnell Street

Apparently, Baskin's candy shake is out of this world but if you're sweet enough try out their regular flavours mango madness, crazy chocotella and vanilla crumble.

2. Cleaver East, Essex Street, Temple Bar

If you're searching for notionsy type milkshake then check out Cleaver Easts chocolate brownie sundae. It's what dreams are made of.


3. Scrumdiddly's, Dún Laoghaire

If you fancy an undeniable sweet treat then go for Scrumdiddly's simple choc shake. Like a challenge? Try their cake shake. It's decadence in a plastic cup.

4. Scoop, Aungier Street

Scoops mint chocolate milkshake is almost undescribable good. It's on another planet taste wise but only a short trip away if you live near Aungier Street.


5. Eddie Rockets

You're sorted for any sugar craving with an oreo or peanut butter cup shake from Eddie Rockets. It's the most accessible shake so overindulge. We implore you.


6. Gourmet Burger Kitchen

GBK do a delicious Apple Strudel shake that includes sea salt caramel, apple juice, and cinnamon. Yes, it's a flavour for the Gods and you are one.

7. Five Guys

The salted caramel milkshake from Five Guys is legendary. Thankfully they've just opened a new restaurant on Dame Street as well as their original Irish store in Dundrum so you're sorted.

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