5 Things We'd Be Better At If We Got Off Social Media

Social media is great. We love it. We're always connected so we instantly know when people like, comment, retweet our shit. If we could accurately sum up all the time we spend on social media I guarantee it would shock you. There's a lot out there, the outside world. Been a while since you've been there eh?


1. College Work

Ten words deserves a five minute break, what are ya gonna do on that break? Check Facebook, see who's tweeted, see if there's any good Instagram posts, check if the library has some decent Yik Yak's, check your ex's profile and cry yourself to orgasm.

2. Your Job

When you have an easy going boss, a job that doesn't have many demands or it's just a slow day you take that opportunity to remind yourself of the outside world. How distant it seems. Surely there's something for you to do instead that's gonna make time go faster, along with making you look like you give a shit.



3. Doing House Work

Seriously there's a smell off that hamper that could knock out a horse. It's about time you washed those. Maybe vacuum the carpet. Sweep a bit. Get rid of the cobwebs maybe? Clean your damn house.




4. Being On Time

How many times have you been ready to go then get distracted by something on your phone? Next thing you know it's a half hour later and you have people messaging angrily. Just wanna check out this guy's tweets, I'll be like two seconds just hold on.

5. Dating

Nothing worse than when you're on a date and they check their phone. Also when you do it too and your date now consists of looking at your phones together. The date would probably be a lot more enjoyable if you focused on each other.



6. Actually Being Good At Your Hobbies

Say you play an instrument, if you swapped your time given to social media to that you'd probably be insanely good at it. We all would. Cut your social media time and devote it to  a skill you have or haven't got. Pretty soon you'll be showing off how fucking great you are to anyone who'll give you the slightest attention.


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Credit: BuzzFeedViolet

Sean Quigley

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